Monday, December 1, 2014

Rough Area

December 1, 2014


its been super rough in the mission. i feel like God is just testing me. i know i'm not a bad missionary. i work hard. i talk to everyone i get the chance to. i am good at working with the members. i know the doctrine. but i have been having a really tough time with this area. its just beating me up. no matter what i do it just feels wrong. and whenever we start finding people to teach everyone just drops off the face of the earth. when we find  a less active, one out of the 600 on our roster, they have moved but for whatever reason, no one has kept a good record of that. its annoying but i think the lord is just testing me to see if i'm going to slow down or if i'm going to keep moving forward.

Monday, November 24, 2014

New Approach

November 24, 2014


okay so this week was fun! we are doing a program where the missionaries are teaching the youth in the wards, just like they were an investigator, in the hopes to help them increase their testimonies and to really get them deeper into the gospel. so we were able to meet with a kid in our ward that just moved in and he's super cool! you can see the fire burning in him but i dont think that he recognizes it in himself! so we are trying to get him to see it in himself, to see how amazing he truly is and how he has so much potential! 

we knocked some doors this week and i've been working on a new approach in talking to people cuz by the time we say, we are the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that they won't listen because people have so many misconceptions and false beliefs about us. Now we say that we are representatives of Jesus Christ and ask them if we can share a scripture and read one from the Book of Mormon and then testify about how that scripture is true; then we give them the book. so now we just go to people and let them experience the power that is contained in the Book of Mormon and promise them that if they read it and ask our Father in Heaven if its true that it will change their lives. people have been a little more receptive with this approach because they feel the spirit contained in the Book of Mormon. 

also i've been sick like all week and so has my comp so we didnt get to proselyte as much as we would have liked to. but we have still seen the Lords work in our lives! :)

so i've been getting back in shape! i've been in contact with travis crittenden, the strength coach for the Kansas City Chiefs and been getting tips and workouts from him and his assistant, i'm down to a constant 143 with intaking about 3500 calories a day. lol and only getting to work out like 2 times this last week. i've been changing my eating habits pretty good to try at least to loose some fat. lol we get to workout at our neighbors every other morning. i'm back to sets of 15 in pull ups and am trying to get to 3 sets of 10 with 205 on bench, my main focus really though has been my circuits for my legs and core. i'm starting to feel faster and more explosive again. i can grab the rim again in basket ball. lol i freak some kids out by doing that! :p 

the more we talk about going into the GCC program, the more i like it. dad, any chance that after your surgery you are going to be getting back into shape to help me get my technique back? recently i got to rewatch some of my wrestling matches (members like to look me up and then show me the videos they watched lol) and man i made so many mistakes! i just looked as if i really never put the peddle down and wrestled the whole second half of the senior year and all the way through nationals. it was like i really just didnt care or i just thought i was to good to try my hardest. i learned a lot from watching those.

the missions going great! we saw some sweet miracles this week! some people came to church that i never though would!

Transfers are on Thanksgiving Day! I'll let you know on Monday if I stay or go and if my comp stays or goes. I hope I stay!

love ya!

ps you should send me one of those wrestling shirts! for gcc

Monday, November 17, 2014

Try This

November 17, 2014


every night i ask God these questions, 
1 Father what can i do to change my life to increase having the spirit in it?
2 what can i do to increase my faith in Thee?
3 what can i do tomorrow to serve my companion?

just by doing these things i have seen a change in my life style, i'm seeing miracles happen in the field, people are wanting to listen to us and i am recognizing the promptings of the spirit better. I am seeing my faith grow rapidly and have a great relationship with my comp! 

try it in your life see what happens!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hard to remember

November 10, 2014

honestly it is getting really hard to remember what went on in what week. i think i just need to start bringing my journal with me so i can share more of what has happened! 

but we were walking all week so i finally bought some gloves because my hands just freeze all the time!  

we had a cool experience! we were trying to contact a guy who had referred himself from to have missionaries come and talk with him and when we got there he was asking all the right questions and said that his life isnt where he wants it to be and that he really needs to change things so that he can be where he wants to be! you could totally see the light of Christ built up in him and that he really wants to change his life around!

its amazing to see the effect that true repentance can bring into someones life! 

you know, this part of the year is the toughest part of the year to go through. i'm pretty sure the only thing that got me through last year was the Brazzells and Elder McCurdy! last year the Brazzells were my family, and Elder McCurdy my Brother.

i miss you and dad and Haylee so much! i have to pray all the time to help me overcome that and now we are heading in to the Holiday season and i have to spend it again with out my family. it just kinda sucks really really bad. 

i miss Devin and Brady and all my friends so much right now, i miss Ashleigh more than i ever thought i would... i miss Taylor, he is my little brother. i freakin miss wrestling! i miss it so much i just wanna wrestle so badly!!! 

but soon it'll be the other way around, i'll be missing missionary work! so i just need some prayers right now. lots of prayers and i'll be praying for you too!

love you so much! 
Elder Rollins

Friday, October 31, 2014

District Leader

October 31, 2014


We received a letter today from Hayes's mission president, President Vest. Elder Rollins was made District Leader! You would think that maybe our son would have told us himself... but no! We find out in a letter from his president! hahahaha 

The letter said that He will have the responsibility to be an example and a teacher to the Elders and Sisters in his district. He will represent the Savior and the mission president as he interviews potentials for baptism. He gets a car again because he will be required to travel around quite a bit. 

He will be busy and that's the best thing for him. :-) 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fun Week!

October 27, 2014


so this week was another fun week! 

we we were out trying to talk to people and this guy pulled into his drive way on his motorcycle and so we walked up and started talking with him to try and tell him about the restoration and two hours later, we had invited him to be baptized and he accepted! 

we won the chilli cook off's hottest chilli prize lol we just told them we added some southwest heat and besides that it wasnt really that hot. Missourians just dont handle heat very well :p  we got lots of compliments on it but the best part was that our big secret ingredient was chocolate protein powder :p 

i love being a missionary so much its great to be meeting so many people and getting to witness the tender mercies of the Lord everyday! 

love you! 
Elder Rollins

PS. New companion is Elder Romney from Las Cruses AND He works out!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

This week's experiences

October 20, 2013

This Week's Experiences

so we have been working with a guy whos wife is a member of our ward (congregation) who is trying to buy a house and going through marital issues and trying to over come some addiction and we went by to see his house, well the one he was trying to buy, and someone had broken in, so we went to lift up the garage door and this guys in a dodge truck flicks on his engine, pulls outta the garage and speeds off down the road! lol it was kinda crazy to see that happen right in front of us and when the cops got here, it showed that they were trying to steal the carpet that had just been laid down! pretty crazy! but the work is still going good we have been really working with him and he has been making improvements in his life and will be baptized in December! 

another amazing experience this week was we have been doing some knocking on doors and Saturday night at like 830 we were walking down one side of the street and knocking all of those doors then my companion and i looked to the other side of the street and said we need to knock on that one! we knocked on this lady's door and when she answered she was just talking to us through the screen door and not looking to interested then all of a sudden she just said come on in, so we made sure there was a male in the house then went in and began talking to her about the Gospel! and she told us about how she never opens her door after 8 and on top of that never usually invites people in to her home! but she said she felt like she needed to let us in to talk to her! she had lots of questions about the after life but we didnt have enough time to answer cuz we were on foot and had about a mile to get home. so we bore our testimony that if she lets us come back that we would be able to answer her questions! 

i know that as we improve our lives to better understand the spirit and seek to know Gods will for us that he will lead us to where we need to be to help ourselves and help those of His children, our brothers and sisters, that really need us!

Love you!

Elder Rollins

Monday, October 6, 2014

Thoughts about conference

October 6, 2014


decisions make destiny! a quote that was said a few times this last week that I have been dwelling on constantly. 

I believe that we all have goals in this life! like mine to be a great servant of the lord. we are all faced with decisions everyday that will bring us closer to accomplishing that goal or not. like at 6:30 when the alarm goes off, do I get up or sleep for 5 more minutes? obviously the answer is I get up because that decision put me in line with the choice that will help me get closer to being a greater servant because it shows I am willing to be obedient. 

what things do we do that leads us closer to accomplishing our goal and what things don't lead us closer? two great questions that should be thought of before we make our decisions.

this week comes down to this tho! we get to experience miracles every day, not just see them but we are part of them. sometime we get caught up to much in the ‘what we want to do’ than ‘what our Father in Heaven is trying to show us we need to do’. 

General Conference was amazing, even though I feel like God has been in a rebuking mood lately, which makes me a little scared! I have learned a lot from it and am changing things in my life to make myself more in harmony with My Fathers will! 

he loves us and cares so much for us and sometimes we just take his love for granted. the miracle that we don't see sometimes, is the love he truly has for us. how does a father continue to love a child that chooses to go against his will consistently every day? I imagine that task is not an easy one but he does it. the miracle of his love should be something that brings us to our knees, causes us to rejoice all throughout the day, yet sometimes we are forgetful by what power it is that we have for our very breath. 

take time and thank our father for his love, his eternal love. and then ask him to forgive our forgetfulness and pray asking to be able to remember these things.

these are just a few of my thoughts from General Conference!

love you!

Elder Rollins

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Kansas City Zoo

September 29, 2014

That's it folks! Elder Rollins has not written an email for over a month! He has answered a few questions via email, but he hasn't written about anything that's been going on for a while. However, I did find out that he left his bag at an investigator's home. They tried to get a hold of the people for over a week. When they were finally able to get back to their house, the only thing left in the bag was a baptismal record. :-( Needless to say, they are not investigators anymore! hahahaha 

P-Day at the Kansas City Zoo

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Some weeks are a Bummer!

September 8, 2014

It sounds like Elder Rollins had a Bummer of a week. This is all he wrote:

"i would send more pics of lauras baptism but my camera got stolen, and they stole my scriptures as well as the camera... which was really upsetting and i'm still sleeping on the floor. its been a reallllly really long weeeeeeeeeek frustrating and annoying so i'm not gonna email about this week till next week so it doesnt sound like i hate life lol"  

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Another baptism!

September 2, 2014


<--- read to the tune of fresh prince of Bel air opening song lol so, this is the story, all about, how life got flipped turned upside down. we were sitting all comfortable then the Lord came down, and said your moving in with Grandview till we find you a new home.  

so we got booted from our apartment this week and the mission home was not able to find an available apartment in our area so we are currently living in Grandview, Mo but still working Kansas City, Mo. 

highlight of the week! was our baptism! :) it was sick! I have been so excited to see Laura get baptized! she is so awesome! it was fun teaching her and it will be awesome to see where the Lord takes her! :) 

the rest of the week was spent finding new people and trying to pack and clean our apartment! 

so as you can read, its been a crazy week! we had a lot of thing going on and can i tell you, there are some things that really changed my perspective. i came to the conclusion that i have been spending a lot of my time fighting against what God has been trying to tell me. i have been very prideful and wish that i could go back and change a lot of things in my past. 

so i was studying the scriptures (best thing to do when youre feeling down is to study the scriptures!) a little bit, trying to figure things out, and i came across the scripture in Isaiah that talks about how Heaven is higher than the earth and therefore gods ways are higher than our ways. 

i instantly went into wrestling mode and thought well, when you wrestle someone that is better than you or on a higher level than you, you have to do the things that are necessary to raise yourself to their level. 

in order to understand god, he being on a higher level, we need to reach up to a higher level by living a higher standard. Then we can understand what he's saying to us! so when i was trying to get my answers this week, i was praying a little more whole-heartedly, reading and studying more diligently, and searching and pondering for my answers. 

the spirit will be there when you have prepared yourself and have provided him a place where he can be. then you can receive more light from Our Father because we have positioned our self to a closer level to him than we were before! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It Takes Faith

Aug 25, 2014

It Takes Faith

so we had a sick week! We have been working super hard in trying to figure out how we can work better in the area and how we can make this area more successful! and guess what?? the Spirit prompted us that we needed to drop everyone we were working with... thats a scary thing to do because that means you just go back to trying to find people to teach and not so much teaching at sit down appointments! but the Lord blesses those that follow his will! i am so blessed to see the miracles the Lord has given us! 

#1 we were out looking for a member in our ward that bishop wanted us to go see but we couldnt find where they lived! so we saw a lady on the phone and talked to her to see if she knew the apartment number or where it was.. she didnt, but we felt prompted to give her a Book of Mormon and she accepted it and said that she needed this in her life right now so we proceeded to invite ourselves back over to teach her more Saturday morning and when we taught her about the Restoratioin of the Gospel of Jesus Christ she accepted to prepare her self for baptism! 

#2 we were trying to contact a referral and she wasnt home so we decided to talk to some of her neighbors and we went up to this lady who was outside playing with her two year old and talked to her about her family then asked her about her religious view and she is very religious and wants to follow Christ so we asked her if she knew there was another book written about Jesus Christ would she read it and she was hesitant at first but i started praying that the Lord would soften her heart and she worked it out in her mind and decided to take the Book of Mormon and read it and wants us to come back and to teach her and her 12 year old son about it! 

Miracles happen when you follow the spirit please follow Him and see the wonderful thing that come into your life! 

love you :) 

Elder Rollins

Monday, August 18, 2014


August 18, 2014

Happy Birthday!
Today is Elder Rollins' 20th Birthday. :-)

He is moving to a different apartment in a few days 
so don't mail anything to him unless you send it to the mission home. 
I will post his new address as soon as I get it. 

i am so blessed to be a missionary! :) 

this was one of the best weeks of my mission! we didnt have a car at all this week so we walked a lot through the city! 

Saturday we saw Gary who is a recent convert to the Kansas City 1st ward! he's a stud! he's been through a lot in his life. he's a vet and has had some unlucky circumstance that have caused him to be put in a wheel chair but he has been such a strength to me seeing him push through the pain to get to church week in and week out! he is awesome.

we got to go back to Odessa for the baptism of brother and sister rogers and there was nothing like it! i was told i was performing one of the baptisms. i felt so honored to be able to take part in such a sacred ordinance! and i received the biggest compliment i've ever been given! brother mayo said in all his days as a missionary and ward mission leader and as a member of the church he has never had a missionary make such a huge impact on a ward. i about cried to hear that. i guess people still talk about me and ive been mentioned in testimonies and things like that. i hope someday you guys will come out to missouri and visit these places with me, like next year sometime when i come back for the Rogers sealing!

Brother and Sister Rogers are in the middle in their baptismal clothing. Elder Wright, Hayes's previous companion in Odessa, is the tall missionary. 

Looks like Hayes was able to reunite with Elder Bitton! Elder Rollins and Elder Bitton were the two elders who opened up this area. :-) 

i love the work i'm doing!! sharing the gospel is so fun! sharing the gospel is #1 hahaha lol but seriously this Gospel is amazing! it has truly changed my life and having the opportunity to share it with others is the biggest blessing i could ever imagine!

i love you! i miss you both so much and cant wait to get home and be with you again, but i know this is what i need to be doing right now! i have so much to do here in this new area. 

my new area is struggling with supporting the missionaries. the past missionaries have all been pretty weird and not super stalwart. they were laxidasical and the wards been beat up by those type of missionaries quite a bit. most of the ward just feels like they have been used a lot so its gonna be a long road in this area. 

the work here is amazing but we need the members to have our back which is why i think i have been called here, to help the ward regain their love for missionary work! i think thats what i'm good at.  

Love you!

Elder Rollins

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Elder Rollins!

Hello Everyone!

Next Monday, August 18th is Hayes's 20th birthday. It would be great to flood his email with Birthday messages, or send him birthday cards. I know he would just love it! 

Here is his email address:

Here is his current address:
Elder Hayes Rollins
9927 Locust Ave #4204
Kansas City, Mo 64131-3393

Thanks so much!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Super Busy, But a Different Busy!

August 11, 2014

Super Busy, But a Different Busy!

so my week has been good! super busy, but a different busy than ever before! its just like we have no time and we need more of it and now this next week we dont have a car so we have no chance to get to see all the people that we need to see! its frustrating sometimes! 

yesterday, we met some people. we took two priests out with us so we could hit up all our appointments and when we were meeting back up, Elder Davies was late. so we walked down to see where he was and these 3 india guys were like Davies is dead. and i acted cool and was like, okay i'll just get his body. and the one guys was like, this guys so cool!! and so we talked with them for like 20 minutes! that was their first day in america! its kinda crazy! but they were excited to learn more about Jesus Christ! :) so we'll get to go back and teach them, some more! that was kinda my highlight of the week!  

We are continuing to work with Marteno's family! they are just awesome! we met another less active guy who is blind and he is awesome at guitar and plays a lot of the types of music that i like! :) COUNTRY music! lol we got to serve some members by moving a tree that fell down in their yard during our last storm! i love the storms here! the thunder shakes our building and just makes me feel like Gods Real! and He is! because everything denotes there is a God and all things testify of him!

Love You Elder Rollins!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Tracting Tactics, Referrals, & Investigators

August 4, 2014

New Tracting Tactics, Referrals, & Investigators

so this week was pretty cool, we took some time to try street contacting down at the plaza to see if we could talk to any of the thousands of people that are down there! not a whole lot of success but I wanna go back and try some new tactics on how to get people to talk to us while they are shopping! a family In our ward said that we should take their poodles down there and walk them cuz they always get stopped and talked to about them then we could just put a plug in for the Book of Mormon too lol I think were going to try it! it sounds fun!

because this area is so populated, we get a ton of referrals! but referrals are like testimony meeting, you never know what you are going to get! some are good, some are bad, and some are crazy! like ones that you receive from a mental hospital! :P or when you get stopped by a few people and you get asked to pray with them and then you’re asked to come back and read scriptures with them and then they try hitting on you..... yeah     no... not good! I don't enjoy that a whole lot. super friendly but perhaps for the next set of missionaries :p

we had a sick lesson with laura our i'd say coolest investigator and most looking forward to getting baptized! she's great, we taught her about the temple and temple blessings! she's so ready for baptism, we are just kinda waiting to have certain pieces fall into place for it. but we are going over to have FHE with her with Martino and martai! it should be pretty tight!

I love this area so much! its a blessing to be here in Kansas City and I just love being out serving the Lord! :)
love you!

ELder Rollins

His new companion is Elder Davies. Elder Davies is from Utah. He lives on a ranch and loves to hunt. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Elder Rollins' New Address


9927 LOCUST AVE #4204
KANSAS CITY, MO 64131-3393

Monday, July 28, 2014

Transfered to the Kansas City 1st Ward

July 28, 2014


Elder Rollins was transfered! He was transferred to the Kansas City 1st ward. Andy Reid, the head football coach of the Kansas City Chiefs attends this ward! Andy Reid is the Uncle to JT Garrett who has been friends with Hayes since birth! Haylee's friend Danny Sorenson, who played for the BYU Cougars Football team was signed by the Chiefs and attended Hayes's new ward 2 weeks ago. Hayes and Danny hung out together a couple of summers ago. We love the Mormon connections! 

what a week! :) man i love being a missionary! this has been one of my most sad transfers yet! i hated leaving all the people i love in Odessa! but i already feel like im at home in the Kansas City area! :) I have an awesome new companion Elder Davies who is from Spanish Fork Utah. he's pretty sick! he lives on a ranch and is a hunter and we are just chillan it up together! we have a booming area! we have a few people on date to be baptized and an investigator getting baptized this weekend! :) its going to be a really good transfer! i am excited to be serving in the "Ghetto" as everyone calls it around here, but the funny thing is that we have some of the richest people in Kansas City in our area too! just look up The Plaza in Kansas City and you'll understand what i mean! 

the ward is so cool! we already had a cool ward picnic last week and the ward had a pretty good turn out! the Bishop is pretty dang cool! he had us over to his house for lunch and then took us to help someone move into the ward!  thats how i like moving into a new ward, getting right to work! 

so we have a few people that are probably going to make my emails for a while! Martino, Martai and Damion, they are brothers that are all just getting into the church and they are pretty dang cool! Martino was the first to join, because his Grandma wanted him to learn! he is so cool because he is the most solid! he comes out on team-ups with us and is just a really good kid! and from his example his Brother Martai got baptized too! he's working a bit on staying active but he's such a good kid. i think we'll get him stronger and his little brother will follow his example by getting baptized this saturday! we spend a lot of time with their family and are praying for their mom to come around too!

i've met a few other people that we are working with and its just great to be here! 

Remember this! the Lord makes sure we are where we need to be! 

love you! 

Elder Rollins

Saying Good-Bye to the People of Odessa!

District Meeting

I think Elder Rollins has plenty of ties! hahahaha

The Barbers

Man! Elder Rollins is really short! hahahaha 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Zombies, following the spirit, food pantry, bucking bails, district meeting, exchanges, dead tired

July 21, 2014

what a week! it was pretty good! 

this week on P-day, we learned how to play zombies with Nerf guns! There was a lot of attacking people! its was a lot of fun and a pretty good cardio work out! :P hahah it was a blast! basically theres one zombie and he is trying to get everyone else in the room to become a zombie! 

Tuesdays we basically just tried to follow the spirit and go where the Lord was directing us and we found great success while knocking doors! :) it was pretty cool to see the Lord guiding us where we need to be! its also pretty fun when you knock on a door and you start your shpeel and you hear, “hey guys” and Jeremy is in the background

wednesday we did some more service at the food pantry organizing the back to school supplies for all the kids that need them! and we had District meeting and ate at the China Dragon it was a pretty good place to eat! 

Exchanges were this week so I got to spend a lot of time with Elder Higgins! great guy and we learned about how to plan effectively! :) 

we got to buck some more bails of hay but the bailer wasnt working right so we may be getting called to do that again come Tuesday! good for me because i like the physical work! 

after friday i was dead tired from all the service we had done.... i dont think i've ever felt that physically exhausted before.... man im outta shape! 

love you!

Elder Rollins

Monday, July 14, 2014

The day in the life of Elder Rollins

July 14, 2014

A day in the life of Elder Rollins, 

i wake up at either 6 or 6:30am and start with a prayer. then i go into our work out room.... which consists of 1 60lb kettle bell (provided by Devin Delveccio) and 2, 35lb dumbells.. and i work out as hard as I can switching back and forth, by working my full body everyday but focusing upper body one day lower body the next day. i go back and forth like that every day. trying to keep from getting to fat or weak on the mission. then i make some breakfast which is usually a shake with some plain greek yogurt, peanut butter, a banana and perhaps some protein powder or i drink almond milk.  then i shower and get ready in my white shirt and tie get up, you know the drill. after that we have the opportunity to study the scriptures for 2 hours. 1 hour is personal study trying to strengthen our relationship with our Heavenly father and studying so that we can have the knowledge we need to teach the people that we meet and be able to answer all of their questions, even the obscure ones! then we are out the door by 10 am. we go around knocking door to door offering people salvation through the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. or offering to help them with their yard work or moving boxes or cleaning pools or gardening or scraping the paint off their porch, building a chicken coup, fixing their car (replacing spark plugs) and then we head in for lunch around 12 or 12:30. after lunch we are back outside again and then the real fun begins cuz we go out and try to contact the people that we have previously contacted that have accepted our invitation for listening to our message about Christ or about letting us help them with our service abilities! we continue to contact new people that we think could use some  strengthening of their faith! which by the way is everyone! so our goal is to talk to everyone that we can humanly come in contact with every day! :) then sometimes we have appointments where we get to share our knowledge and testimony of the things we know such as, God loves us and will do everything in his power to get us to make the Right decisions to return to him! that Christ came down to the Earth and died for us so that Gods Great plan of Salvation could be fulfilled! that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God and restored the Fullness of the Gospel of Christ to the earth after enduring a time of men being dumb, like we can be, distort the truth to the ways of the carnal world!! that we have a living Prophet on the earth today, he is here to guide us back to our Father, and that the Book of Mormon is another Testament of our Savior and it truly is a record of people here in America and Gods dealings with them! then dinner and repeat!

basically i have the coolest job ever cuz i get to go around and do what Christ did when he was here! and there can be nothing greater than that!
love you 
Elder Rollins

SAD DAY... We had to give up Scarlett

How are things with you?
things are going great! 

Are you healthy?
yes i'm healthy! 

Are you sleeping good?
Ive never slept better!

Are you eating good?
yes mom if im going to wrestle when i get home i figured that i should start myself learning how to eat healthy meals and eat smaller portions i buy apples and bananas every week that i can, i've changed to almond milk when i drink milk and just use regular milk in other things! i buy lettuce every other week and carrots and celery, lots of chicken breasts and sometimes fish patties and then tuna and salmon in the can 

Do you have dinner appointments with ward members every night?
we have dinner with members just about everynight, why do you think i'm gaining weight :p just kidding they feed us really well and its just a huge blessing to have a ward that you feel so loved in and so invited when you go to their homes! i really love the Odessa ward! i may just refuse to leave!

Are you keeping your apartment clean?
yeah everything except my workout room it needs to be vacuumed... 

Are you staying organized? You always do better when you stay organized and on a schedule.
hahah i know and i've been seeing that is true! lol yeah i'm staying organized the best i can! i get these fits when i'm not organized and have to get things in order! im starting to turn into you.... :p 

How are things with Elder Wright? Tell the truth! lol
frustrating but we're making it work! the Lord can hep us through all things! 

How is your teaching pool? Is it growing?
yes our teaching pool is growing, we have been putting a lot of effort into that to keep it sustained right now.

Are the members helping out with finding you people to teach?
they are kinda, they try but they arent having very much success because i dont think they know how to go about doing it?? 

Tell us more about the person who you think is going to be baptized soon?
idk he just called it off for right now. 

What town in your ward boundaries is your favorite town?
geez.... well Odessa has all cool members and investigators, oak grove is the same way, cool members but our investigators there arent quite as promising. Buckner is where we do a lot of our service work with Brother Mayo and thats always a surprise and a blast! Holden we dont get out to very much but there are some cool families out there that keep us going there so we want to get more work out there so they can help us!

Your Birthday is coming soon. Is there anything specific that you would like for your birthday?
ctr ring. other than that i have no idea i dont need anything or really want anything. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Interesting Week!

July 7, 2014

Interesting Week!

sorry, no pics this week i'll send them to you next week our library sucks in Odessa :p 

so we had a pretty interesting week! it started with a lot of appointments falling through and nothing really happening but as time progressed we got things back together! we spent a bit of time with the Rogers and we finally met with Tom again! 

the Rogers are awesome! :) but we have to stay focused when we are with them and get them moving along with their lessons and getting things done so they can get baptized.. we were in a lesson with them and Brother Rogers phone went off and he just picked the phone up and took the battery out and was like there, no more distractions from that! 

Tom is going to get baptized finally its going to be a great and glorious day! :) he is so ready and excited for it! 

hahah we had some fun with our ward mission leader and left some dolphins for him in his bathroom! he was pretty surprised and shocked but we all got a pretty good laugh out of it 

we  had a very good zone training! im thankful for my leaders and that i do not have to be the one up there leading the training! from this training i just want to let you know that i believe in Christ and that he is my savior! and through Him all things are possible! 

love you!

Elder Rollins

Monday, June 30, 2014

Be Prepared!

June 30, 2014


so this week was pretty interesting. I relearned a lesson of which the scouting program is constantly trying to instill into us: BE PREPARED! that way we wont waste miles! :P we drove out to wellington to knock it out, but when we got there, we both realized we had no materials to pass out. XD lame on my part. so we went to a members house in the neighboring city cuz we have no members in wellington, and taught them the ML1 (Member lesson 1) we devised a plan to teach all the members, lessons based on ensign talks combined with our missionary lessons, that way we continually learn how to teach better while sharing the gospel with everyone and hopefully increasing the members faith and inspiring them to share what they believe with others ! :)  

we have seen some cool miracles while trying to more diligently follow the spirit. we met some cool COC (Church of Christ) people and talked about the differences in our churches. i learned quite a bit from them and we had a real good discussion! :) 

while we were knocking on an investigator’s door, this kid drove by and yelled "they don’t want you!" and we were just like, what just happened and then come to find out, he was the Boyfriend of one of the girls in the ward and we had a nice chat with him for about an hour about life and what we do. then he said he'd come to church sometime, so that was pretty cool! 

we taught a cool lesson using this video as the key point for them progressing in this life 

on sunday our Elders Quorum president taught us about how to be good members of the church, incorporating others and making sure we are just good to people all around. i guess its could be summarized by saying let our light shine to everyone!

love you

Elder Rollins


Monday, June 23, 2014

Blessed To Be In Odessa

June 23, 2014

Very Blessed To Be In Odessa!

i had a pretty sweet week this week! we are having a big push to work with the youth in the ward so they have some experience with missionary work before they head out on their missions and so they will know what they are getting themselves into before they get out there :p it has been really fun! we took one of the young men out and just had a sick day! we taught 4 people lessons that we had never met before! it was a huge miracle to have that happen! we are very blessed to be here in the Odessa ward! 

we have a member that has been dying to go on team-ups with us. we were finally able to make it happen this last week and then the appointment we had been originally planned on taking him to, cancelled. so we prayed and decided to go see the Rogers and the lesson was outstanding! the Spirit was strong and this member gave a moving testimony at the end and then the Rogers came to sacrament this week! i just feel super blessed to see these miracles happen! :) 

we spent a lot of time driving around the massive area that we cover! we tried to find the members that know one knows who they were!

we got to go hay bailing! :) so much fun! i may just end up being a farm hand when i get home cuz i like the physical work of it ;)  

and our Elders Quorum leader took us out this week! :) 

we’ve been having big summer storms and so i've been trying to get pics of all of them! 

i gave myself a hair cut this morning. thought you'd like to see it :p 

also ive been working on my cooking skills. I like making breakfast, not much else tho :p 

we are just having a great time and really trying to be obedient and hard working! 

two things that will lead to better conversions to the Lord: 1) adhering to all his commandments and 2) magnifying your callings that he has chosen for you to do! 

love you! Elder Rollins