Monday, August 11, 2014

Super Busy, But a Different Busy!

August 11, 2014

Super Busy, But a Different Busy!

so my week has been good! super busy, but a different busy than ever before! its just like we have no time and we need more of it and now this next week we dont have a car so we have no chance to get to see all the people that we need to see! its frustrating sometimes! 

yesterday, we met some people. we took two priests out with us so we could hit up all our appointments and when we were meeting back up, Elder Davies was late. so we walked down to see where he was and these 3 india guys were like Davies is dead. and i acted cool and was like, okay i'll just get his body. and the one guys was like, this guys so cool!! and so we talked with them for like 20 minutes! that was their first day in america! its kinda crazy! but they were excited to learn more about Jesus Christ! :) so we'll get to go back and teach them, some more! that was kinda my highlight of the week!  

We are continuing to work with Marteno's family! they are just awesome! we met another less active guy who is blind and he is awesome at guitar and plays a lot of the types of music that i like! :) COUNTRY music! lol we got to serve some members by moving a tree that fell down in their yard during our last storm! i love the storms here! the thunder shakes our building and just makes me feel like Gods Real! and He is! because everything denotes there is a God and all things testify of him!

Love You Elder Rollins!

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