Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hard to remember

November 10, 2014

honestly it is getting really hard to remember what went on in what week. i think i just need to start bringing my journal with me so i can share more of what has happened! 

but we were walking all week so i finally bought some gloves because my hands just freeze all the time!  

we had a cool experience! we were trying to contact a guy who had referred himself from to have missionaries come and talk with him and when we got there he was asking all the right questions and said that his life isnt where he wants it to be and that he really needs to change things so that he can be where he wants to be! you could totally see the light of Christ built up in him and that he really wants to change his life around!

its amazing to see the effect that true repentance can bring into someones life! 

you know, this part of the year is the toughest part of the year to go through. i'm pretty sure the only thing that got me through last year was the Brazzells and Elder McCurdy! last year the Brazzells were my family, and Elder McCurdy my Brother.

i miss you and dad and Haylee so much! i have to pray all the time to help me overcome that and now we are heading in to the Holiday season and i have to spend it again with out my family. it just kinda sucks really really bad. 

i miss Devin and Brady and all my friends so much right now, i miss Ashleigh more than i ever thought i would... i miss Taylor, he is my little brother. i freakin miss wrestling! i miss it so much i just wanna wrestle so badly!!! 

but soon it'll be the other way around, i'll be missing missionary work! so i just need some prayers right now. lots of prayers and i'll be praying for you too!

love you so much! 
Elder Rollins

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