Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Advice from a Missionary

Oct 21, 2013


MOMMMMM whyd you do that.... i miss wrestling so much! ohhh man, i just want to find an investigator that wrestles so that i can teach him the gospel and how to wrestle, i dont know of any wrestlers around here tho. now one in the ward is super athletic they all are more into music! 

im gonna need to start buying some warm cloths tho... it was like 38 degrees this past week! its crazy how bipolar the weather here is!

so this week was a pretty good week! its starting to get cold tho! we had another great lesson with leashia! sister moss killed it with her lesson on sunday then was our team up for our meeting with her so we just continued on with talking about how to invite the spirit into the home! 

so the main things to do to have the spirit in the home are: 

PRAY as a family! like really tho! every morning and night! theres nothing that bring the spirit in like a sincere prayer!!!

READ the scriptures as a family!! at least every night! and then study the scriptures on your own through out the day! so a cool thing that missionaries do during comp study is we talk to each other about the things we studied and then ask the question “how can we apply what we read” to 3 things: our investigators, our companionship and ourself! 

so if you want to try something new for family scripture study, do this. instead of everyone taking a verse and reading around the room, have everyone read where ever they are in the scripture for like 15 minutes and then come together and share how what they read can help them grow individually and as a family and how it can help one of their friends! THIS IS SUPER EFFECTIVE!

MUSIC listen to good uplifting music! it brings in the spirit! D&C 25:12

For my soul adelighteth in the bsong of the cheart; yea, thedsong of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads.

CLEAN  keep your home clean its harder for the spirit to dwell in unclean places!

we  also met with the Brazzells again. hes kinda stubborn and wont read the scriptures and its hard to bring in the spirit cuz he always has the tv on. so next time we go over we are  going to try have them turn off the tv and read the scriptures in their home to invite the spirit in and then teach them some stuff! cuz its the spirit that teaches not us! 

i love you!!
Elder Rollins

Our friend Jeff Garrett was visiting his Sister Tammy (wife of Andy Reid - NFL head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs) and saw Hayes at church! Hayes is serving in Tammy and Andy's son's ward. So Jeffy got to see Hayes again! It's always so fun to get surprize pictures of Hayes. 

The Garretts also know Hayes's companion, Elder McCurdy! JT (Hayes's friend from birth) and Dannie were friends in high school! Man it is such a small world!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tracting Does Not Work

Email #16


October 15, 2013

ok so this week in a nut shell, lots of work with less active members! i love my companion hes amazing! birthday for sister matta and LOTS of paper work! 

We spent a lot of the week trying to see less actives because tracting does nothing! so we took the ward roster and went to a few apartment complexes that had multiple members living there and decided to go and see the less actives that live there! we left a card at a guy named scotts house and that night he called us and said that he will becoming to church that sunday and thank you for stopping by and letting him know where the church he was supposed to go was located! then we went to knock on this other guys door looking for a cody grammer and a sister came to the door and expressed that she was a member and knew that we were there.. she told us that she had just gotten engaged and that she didnt want to scare the her finace and that she would have us over for dinner sometime so we could talk to him and her and maybe start teaching him! we were super excited! 

leashia is doing great and Jillian is doing great also! they are both ready for baptism and we are hoping to see leashia enter the waters this weekend! 

this week has shown me that you get what you work for! just like with wrestling. what you put in, you get out! only now, when we put our effort in, what we get out is helping others be better not just helping our self be better! the harder that me and Elder McCurdy work the more we get out of it! so we will continue working as hard as we can so we can be blessed! 

so sorry mom, i spent a little bit of money this week on gifts for sister matta and Elder McCurdy because being out here on your mission you have to make the other missionaries birthdays good because you never know what they will get! so i bought some things for them... a tie and a dragon for Elder McCurdy and sister mattas been going through some ankle problems and a hard time lately so we got her a few of her favorite things! she really appreciated it. you can tell by her face in the pics! ill send some next week cuz the wifi thing on the new camera isnt working!! 

remember the Lord has his hand in all things. there are no coincidences! 

love you!
Elder Rollins

Monday, October 7, 2013

My Posterity

this is my posterity from oldest to youngest on the mission it goes ELder O my great grandpa, Elder Lee my grandpa, Elder Rentfro my uncle, Elder Crowton my dad, Elder Hayes my brother, me and Elder McCurdy my son! we are one happy family!

(I can't enlarge the photos any more than this or the photo is super blurry)

Elder McCurdy baptized his father before he came out on his mission. im telling you, this kid is incredible, i already feel like he's my best friend!


October 7, 2013


so the first half of the week was kinda boring cuz we didnt do anything... elder crowton just kinda packed all week! then thursday was transfers! and i got my new companion Elder McCurdy. he's from chandler az and wrestled for basha high school! dad, he said youve talked to him a couple of times! hes an awesome kid with a pure heart and ready to serve the Lord so we got to work after a session of weekly planning! 

we had a solid friday, meeting a few of the members in the ward then bringing him to the Brazzells, one of my favorite families thats investigating! then we went to the sisters to try and see how we can help each other and our area. after that short meeting we were supposed to hurry over to the church for a cookie baking contest in which the missionaries were the judges. on our way biking to the church, a guy who we had been trying to see for a long time was outside so we talked to him and were able to set up an appointment with him! we were super pumped after that, but we were late to the activity!

general conference was awesome! i felt like the first session was meant for my investigators! to bad none were there... :( oh well just means that we are going to show those videos throughout the week to our investigators. the second session i felt like it was meant for me and i learned a lot. then priesthood session which is always amazing, and sunday was good but it was really hard. i spent more effort trying to stay awake then paying attention so im going to make sure to read those when next months ensign comes out! 

we ate lunch with bishop which was really fun! hes the coolest bishop when it comes to helping out with missionary work! 

we had dinner with the Zimmerman's and i learned how not to purpose! lol they are an awesome family and Brother Zimmerman definitely knows the importance of family in his busy schedule of trying to become a dentist!

its been a good week! i know that the Lord knows us all personally and he knows the people we need in our life. ive been rejuvinated and im ready to work hard! love you mom!
Elder Rollins 

Oops! I forgot to post this!

September 30, 2013

so this week Elder Crowton has been suuuuppper Transfer trunky and we didnt get a lot done... its was kinda a wast of a week in my oppinion except 2 days they were good and that was saturday and tuesday, we met with the brazzels on tuesday and cleared up a bunch of concerns and im like 100% sure they are ready to get dunked but the dads kinda stubborn. we'll make sure we keep seeing them  and stay in touch with them. and saturday there was a training by President Keyes for all the new trainers. ohhh yeah btw, im training now so im kinda freaking out! i still feel like i have no idea what to do as a missionary and now i have the responsibility to train another missionary and help him become a fantastic missionary himself. nottt gooood, my stress levels have flown through the roof!! but i know  the lord will provide a way 1 Nephi 3:7 andn all that goo stuff. i have no one left to lean on except the Big man himself. so as of thursday ill have a new comp and he'll be even newer than i am. 

sorry for the short email theres just nothing left to be said. the church is true! Christ is our savior! God is our Loving Heavenly Father and i must do his will.
Love you!
Elder Rollins 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Companion

Oct 5, 2013


Hayes did not get transferred. He stayed in the same area, same ward, same apartment. He would love to hear from anyone! He said recently there was a letter drought! hahaha
10244 W 81st Terrace #218
Overland Park, KS 66204

The bishop of Hayes's ward is wonderful because he sends me pictures of Hayes, periodically. Tonight after the priesthood session, He sent this one.


It might be my imagination, but does Elder Rollins have chipmunk cheeks?! hahaha I'm just not used to seeing the "bigger" side of Hayes. hahaha

Elder Rollins has been out three months and is now a trainer! He got a new companion this past week, Elder McCurdy, fresh from the MTC.

We found out tonight that Elder McCurdy is from Chandler, AZ. They know each other because Elder McCurdy is a wrestler too! hahaha Hayes wrestled 132 junior year and Dannie wrestled 145. Hayes wrestled 138 & 145 senior year and Dannie wrestled 132! hahaha I fear for their apartment because Elder McCurdy's mother just mailed his wrestling shoes to him! hahaha I can just imagine what might take place on P-day in that apartment! LOL

I'm so excited that these two young men get to serve together! There's a saying that goes something like this, "Once you've wrestled, everything else is easy!"  If they serve as hard as they wrestled, the people of Overland Park better watch out for these two righteous wrestlers! hahaha