Friday, October 31, 2014

District Leader

October 31, 2014


We received a letter today from Hayes's mission president, President Vest. Elder Rollins was made District Leader! You would think that maybe our son would have told us himself... but no! We find out in a letter from his president! hahahaha 

The letter said that He will have the responsibility to be an example and a teacher to the Elders and Sisters in his district. He will represent the Savior and the mission president as he interviews potentials for baptism. He gets a car again because he will be required to travel around quite a bit. 

He will be busy and that's the best thing for him. :-) 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fun Week!

October 27, 2014


so this week was another fun week! 

we we were out trying to talk to people and this guy pulled into his drive way on his motorcycle and so we walked up and started talking with him to try and tell him about the restoration and two hours later, we had invited him to be baptized and he accepted! 

we won the chilli cook off's hottest chilli prize lol we just told them we added some southwest heat and besides that it wasnt really that hot. Missourians just dont handle heat very well :p  we got lots of compliments on it but the best part was that our big secret ingredient was chocolate protein powder :p 

i love being a missionary so much its great to be meeting so many people and getting to witness the tender mercies of the Lord everyday! 

love you! 
Elder Rollins

PS. New companion is Elder Romney from Las Cruses AND He works out!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

This week's experiences

October 20, 2013

This Week's Experiences

so we have been working with a guy whos wife is a member of our ward (congregation) who is trying to buy a house and going through marital issues and trying to over come some addiction and we went by to see his house, well the one he was trying to buy, and someone had broken in, so we went to lift up the garage door and this guys in a dodge truck flicks on his engine, pulls outta the garage and speeds off down the road! lol it was kinda crazy to see that happen right in front of us and when the cops got here, it showed that they were trying to steal the carpet that had just been laid down! pretty crazy! but the work is still going good we have been really working with him and he has been making improvements in his life and will be baptized in December! 

another amazing experience this week was we have been doing some knocking on doors and Saturday night at like 830 we were walking down one side of the street and knocking all of those doors then my companion and i looked to the other side of the street and said we need to knock on that one! we knocked on this lady's door and when she answered she was just talking to us through the screen door and not looking to interested then all of a sudden she just said come on in, so we made sure there was a male in the house then went in and began talking to her about the Gospel! and she told us about how she never opens her door after 8 and on top of that never usually invites people in to her home! but she said she felt like she needed to let us in to talk to her! she had lots of questions about the after life but we didnt have enough time to answer cuz we were on foot and had about a mile to get home. so we bore our testimony that if she lets us come back that we would be able to answer her questions! 

i know that as we improve our lives to better understand the spirit and seek to know Gods will for us that he will lead us to where we need to be to help ourselves and help those of His children, our brothers and sisters, that really need us!

Love you!

Elder Rollins

Monday, October 6, 2014

Thoughts about conference

October 6, 2014


decisions make destiny! a quote that was said a few times this last week that I have been dwelling on constantly. 

I believe that we all have goals in this life! like mine to be a great servant of the lord. we are all faced with decisions everyday that will bring us closer to accomplishing that goal or not. like at 6:30 when the alarm goes off, do I get up or sleep for 5 more minutes? obviously the answer is I get up because that decision put me in line with the choice that will help me get closer to being a greater servant because it shows I am willing to be obedient. 

what things do we do that leads us closer to accomplishing our goal and what things don't lead us closer? two great questions that should be thought of before we make our decisions.

this week comes down to this tho! we get to experience miracles every day, not just see them but we are part of them. sometime we get caught up to much in the ‘what we want to do’ than ‘what our Father in Heaven is trying to show us we need to do’. 

General Conference was amazing, even though I feel like God has been in a rebuking mood lately, which makes me a little scared! I have learned a lot from it and am changing things in my life to make myself more in harmony with My Fathers will! 

he loves us and cares so much for us and sometimes we just take his love for granted. the miracle that we don't see sometimes, is the love he truly has for us. how does a father continue to love a child that chooses to go against his will consistently every day? I imagine that task is not an easy one but he does it. the miracle of his love should be something that brings us to our knees, causes us to rejoice all throughout the day, yet sometimes we are forgetful by what power it is that we have for our very breath. 

take time and thank our father for his love, his eternal love. and then ask him to forgive our forgetfulness and pray asking to be able to remember these things.

these are just a few of my thoughts from General Conference!

love you!

Elder Rollins

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Kansas City Zoo

September 29, 2014

That's it folks! Elder Rollins has not written an email for over a month! He has answered a few questions via email, but he hasn't written about anything that's been going on for a while. However, I did find out that he left his bag at an investigator's home. They tried to get a hold of the people for over a week. When they were finally able to get back to their house, the only thing left in the bag was a baptismal record. :-( Needless to say, they are not investigators anymore! hahahaha 

P-Day at the Kansas City Zoo