Monday, June 30, 2014

Be Prepared!

June 30, 2014


so this week was pretty interesting. I relearned a lesson of which the scouting program is constantly trying to instill into us: BE PREPARED! that way we wont waste miles! :P we drove out to wellington to knock it out, but when we got there, we both realized we had no materials to pass out. XD lame on my part. so we went to a members house in the neighboring city cuz we have no members in wellington, and taught them the ML1 (Member lesson 1) we devised a plan to teach all the members, lessons based on ensign talks combined with our missionary lessons, that way we continually learn how to teach better while sharing the gospel with everyone and hopefully increasing the members faith and inspiring them to share what they believe with others ! :)  

we have seen some cool miracles while trying to more diligently follow the spirit. we met some cool COC (Church of Christ) people and talked about the differences in our churches. i learned quite a bit from them and we had a real good discussion! :) 

while we were knocking on an investigator’s door, this kid drove by and yelled "they don’t want you!" and we were just like, what just happened and then come to find out, he was the Boyfriend of one of the girls in the ward and we had a nice chat with him for about an hour about life and what we do. then he said he'd come to church sometime, so that was pretty cool! 

we taught a cool lesson using this video as the key point for them progressing in this life 

on sunday our Elders Quorum president taught us about how to be good members of the church, incorporating others and making sure we are just good to people all around. i guess its could be summarized by saying let our light shine to everyone!

love you

Elder Rollins


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