Monday, July 14, 2014

The day in the life of Elder Rollins

July 14, 2014

A day in the life of Elder Rollins, 

i wake up at either 6 or 6:30am and start with a prayer. then i go into our work out room.... which consists of 1 60lb kettle bell (provided by Devin Delveccio) and 2, 35lb dumbells.. and i work out as hard as I can switching back and forth, by working my full body everyday but focusing upper body one day lower body the next day. i go back and forth like that every day. trying to keep from getting to fat or weak on the mission. then i make some breakfast which is usually a shake with some plain greek yogurt, peanut butter, a banana and perhaps some protein powder or i drink almond milk.  then i shower and get ready in my white shirt and tie get up, you know the drill. after that we have the opportunity to study the scriptures for 2 hours. 1 hour is personal study trying to strengthen our relationship with our Heavenly father and studying so that we can have the knowledge we need to teach the people that we meet and be able to answer all of their questions, even the obscure ones! then we are out the door by 10 am. we go around knocking door to door offering people salvation through the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. or offering to help them with their yard work or moving boxes or cleaning pools or gardening or scraping the paint off their porch, building a chicken coup, fixing their car (replacing spark plugs) and then we head in for lunch around 12 or 12:30. after lunch we are back outside again and then the real fun begins cuz we go out and try to contact the people that we have previously contacted that have accepted our invitation for listening to our message about Christ or about letting us help them with our service abilities! we continue to contact new people that we think could use some  strengthening of their faith! which by the way is everyone! so our goal is to talk to everyone that we can humanly come in contact with every day! :) then sometimes we have appointments where we get to share our knowledge and testimony of the things we know such as, God loves us and will do everything in his power to get us to make the Right decisions to return to him! that Christ came down to the Earth and died for us so that Gods Great plan of Salvation could be fulfilled! that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God and restored the Fullness of the Gospel of Christ to the earth after enduring a time of men being dumb, like we can be, distort the truth to the ways of the carnal world!! that we have a living Prophet on the earth today, he is here to guide us back to our Father, and that the Book of Mormon is another Testament of our Savior and it truly is a record of people here in America and Gods dealings with them! then dinner and repeat!

basically i have the coolest job ever cuz i get to go around and do what Christ did when he was here! and there can be nothing greater than that!
love you 
Elder Rollins

SAD DAY... We had to give up Scarlett

How are things with you?
things are going great! 

Are you healthy?
yes i'm healthy! 

Are you sleeping good?
Ive never slept better!

Are you eating good?
yes mom if im going to wrestle when i get home i figured that i should start myself learning how to eat healthy meals and eat smaller portions i buy apples and bananas every week that i can, i've changed to almond milk when i drink milk and just use regular milk in other things! i buy lettuce every other week and carrots and celery, lots of chicken breasts and sometimes fish patties and then tuna and salmon in the can 

Do you have dinner appointments with ward members every night?
we have dinner with members just about everynight, why do you think i'm gaining weight :p just kidding they feed us really well and its just a huge blessing to have a ward that you feel so loved in and so invited when you go to their homes! i really love the Odessa ward! i may just refuse to leave!

Are you keeping your apartment clean?
yeah everything except my workout room it needs to be vacuumed... 

Are you staying organized? You always do better when you stay organized and on a schedule.
hahah i know and i've been seeing that is true! lol yeah i'm staying organized the best i can! i get these fits when i'm not organized and have to get things in order! im starting to turn into you.... :p 

How are things with Elder Wright? Tell the truth! lol
frustrating but we're making it work! the Lord can hep us through all things! 

How is your teaching pool? Is it growing?
yes our teaching pool is growing, we have been putting a lot of effort into that to keep it sustained right now.

Are the members helping out with finding you people to teach?
they are kinda, they try but they arent having very much success because i dont think they know how to go about doing it?? 

Tell us more about the person who you think is going to be baptized soon?
idk he just called it off for right now. 

What town in your ward boundaries is your favorite town?
geez.... well Odessa has all cool members and investigators, oak grove is the same way, cool members but our investigators there arent quite as promising. Buckner is where we do a lot of our service work with Brother Mayo and thats always a surprise and a blast! Holden we dont get out to very much but there are some cool families out there that keep us going there so we want to get more work out there so they can help us!

Your Birthday is coming soon. Is there anything specific that you would like for your birthday?
ctr ring. other than that i have no idea i dont need anything or really want anything. 

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