Monday, January 12, 2015


January 12, 2015


so this last week i got transferred to a new area and we are white washing the area which means that they took both of the previous Elders out of that area and have brought in two new ones to basically start over from scratch. 

so i've been getting to know my new companion whose name is Elder Rentfro. he's a wrestler from Utah. my misson President came up to us right as we were getting ready to leave and said "you two better not be doing any wrestling!" lol  so we've been running around trying to learn the new area and trying to get to know the new ward and the investigators and other people we are working with.

we have been very blessed to have the Lord behind us and helping us every step of the way! the Lord, Our Father, loves us and will help us when we need him! 

love ya!