Sunday, October 26, 2014

This week's experiences

October 20, 2013

This Week's Experiences

so we have been working with a guy whos wife is a member of our ward (congregation) who is trying to buy a house and going through marital issues and trying to over come some addiction and we went by to see his house, well the one he was trying to buy, and someone had broken in, so we went to lift up the garage door and this guys in a dodge truck flicks on his engine, pulls outta the garage and speeds off down the road! lol it was kinda crazy to see that happen right in front of us and when the cops got here, it showed that they were trying to steal the carpet that had just been laid down! pretty crazy! but the work is still going good we have been really working with him and he has been making improvements in his life and will be baptized in December! 

another amazing experience this week was we have been doing some knocking on doors and Saturday night at like 830 we were walking down one side of the street and knocking all of those doors then my companion and i looked to the other side of the street and said we need to knock on that one! we knocked on this lady's door and when she answered she was just talking to us through the screen door and not looking to interested then all of a sudden she just said come on in, so we made sure there was a male in the house then went in and began talking to her about the Gospel! and she told us about how she never opens her door after 8 and on top of that never usually invites people in to her home! but she said she felt like she needed to let us in to talk to her! she had lots of questions about the after life but we didnt have enough time to answer cuz we were on foot and had about a mile to get home. so we bore our testimony that if she lets us come back that we would be able to answer her questions! 

i know that as we improve our lives to better understand the spirit and seek to know Gods will for us that he will lead us to where we need to be to help ourselves and help those of His children, our brothers and sisters, that really need us!

Love you!

Elder Rollins

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