Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It Takes Faith

Aug 25, 2014

It Takes Faith

so we had a sick week! We have been working super hard in trying to figure out how we can work better in the area and how we can make this area more successful! and guess what?? the Spirit prompted us that we needed to drop everyone we were working with... thats a scary thing to do because that means you just go back to trying to find people to teach and not so much teaching at sit down appointments! but the Lord blesses those that follow his will! i am so blessed to see the miracles the Lord has given us! 

#1 we were out looking for a member in our ward that bishop wanted us to go see but we couldnt find where they lived! so we saw a lady on the phone and talked to her to see if she knew the apartment number or where it was.. she didnt, but we felt prompted to give her a Book of Mormon and she accepted it and said that she needed this in her life right now so we proceeded to invite ourselves back over to teach her more Saturday morning and when we taught her about the Restoratioin of the Gospel of Jesus Christ she accepted to prepare her self for baptism! 

#2 we were trying to contact a referral and she wasnt home so we decided to talk to some of her neighbors and we went up to this lady who was outside playing with her two year old and talked to her about her family then asked her about her religious view and she is very religious and wants to follow Christ so we asked her if she knew there was another book written about Jesus Christ would she read it and she was hesitant at first but i started praying that the Lord would soften her heart and she worked it out in her mind and decided to take the Book of Mormon and read it and wants us to come back and to teach her and her 12 year old son about it! 

Miracles happen when you follow the spirit please follow Him and see the wonderful thing that come into your life! 

love you :) 

Elder Rollins

Monday, August 18, 2014


August 18, 2014

Happy Birthday!
Today is Elder Rollins' 20th Birthday. :-)

He is moving to a different apartment in a few days 
so don't mail anything to him unless you send it to the mission home. 
I will post his new address as soon as I get it. 

i am so blessed to be a missionary! :) 

this was one of the best weeks of my mission! we didnt have a car at all this week so we walked a lot through the city! 

Saturday we saw Gary who is a recent convert to the Kansas City 1st ward! he's a stud! he's been through a lot in his life. he's a vet and has had some unlucky circumstance that have caused him to be put in a wheel chair but he has been such a strength to me seeing him push through the pain to get to church week in and week out! he is awesome.

we got to go back to Odessa for the baptism of brother and sister rogers and there was nothing like it! i was told i was performing one of the baptisms. i felt so honored to be able to take part in such a sacred ordinance! and i received the biggest compliment i've ever been given! brother mayo said in all his days as a missionary and ward mission leader and as a member of the church he has never had a missionary make such a huge impact on a ward. i about cried to hear that. i guess people still talk about me and ive been mentioned in testimonies and things like that. i hope someday you guys will come out to missouri and visit these places with me, like next year sometime when i come back for the Rogers sealing!

Brother and Sister Rogers are in the middle in their baptismal clothing. Elder Wright, Hayes's previous companion in Odessa, is the tall missionary. 

Looks like Hayes was able to reunite with Elder Bitton! Elder Rollins and Elder Bitton were the two elders who opened up this area. :-) 

i love the work i'm doing!! sharing the gospel is so fun! sharing the gospel is #1 hahaha lol but seriously this Gospel is amazing! it has truly changed my life and having the opportunity to share it with others is the biggest blessing i could ever imagine!

i love you! i miss you both so much and cant wait to get home and be with you again, but i know this is what i need to be doing right now! i have so much to do here in this new area. 

my new area is struggling with supporting the missionaries. the past missionaries have all been pretty weird and not super stalwart. they were laxidasical and the wards been beat up by those type of missionaries quite a bit. most of the ward just feels like they have been used a lot so its gonna be a long road in this area. 

the work here is amazing but we need the members to have our back which is why i think i have been called here, to help the ward regain their love for missionary work! i think thats what i'm good at.  

Love you!

Elder Rollins

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Elder Rollins!

Hello Everyone!

Next Monday, August 18th is Hayes's 20th birthday. It would be great to flood his email with Birthday messages, or send him birthday cards. I know he would just love it! 

Here is his email address:

Here is his current address:
Elder Hayes Rollins
9927 Locust Ave #4204
Kansas City, Mo 64131-3393

Thanks so much!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Super Busy, But a Different Busy!

August 11, 2014

Super Busy, But a Different Busy!

so my week has been good! super busy, but a different busy than ever before! its just like we have no time and we need more of it and now this next week we dont have a car so we have no chance to get to see all the people that we need to see! its frustrating sometimes! 

yesterday, we met some people. we took two priests out with us so we could hit up all our appointments and when we were meeting back up, Elder Davies was late. so we walked down to see where he was and these 3 india guys were like Davies is dead. and i acted cool and was like, okay i'll just get his body. and the one guys was like, this guys so cool!! and so we talked with them for like 20 minutes! that was their first day in america! its kinda crazy! but they were excited to learn more about Jesus Christ! :) so we'll get to go back and teach them, some more! that was kinda my highlight of the week!  

We are continuing to work with Marteno's family! they are just awesome! we met another less active guy who is blind and he is awesome at guitar and plays a lot of the types of music that i like! :) COUNTRY music! lol we got to serve some members by moving a tree that fell down in their yard during our last storm! i love the storms here! the thunder shakes our building and just makes me feel like Gods Real! and He is! because everything denotes there is a God and all things testify of him!

Love You Elder Rollins!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Tracting Tactics, Referrals, & Investigators

August 4, 2014

New Tracting Tactics, Referrals, & Investigators

so this week was pretty cool, we took some time to try street contacting down at the plaza to see if we could talk to any of the thousands of people that are down there! not a whole lot of success but I wanna go back and try some new tactics on how to get people to talk to us while they are shopping! a family In our ward said that we should take their poodles down there and walk them cuz they always get stopped and talked to about them then we could just put a plug in for the Book of Mormon too lol I think were going to try it! it sounds fun!

because this area is so populated, we get a ton of referrals! but referrals are like testimony meeting, you never know what you are going to get! some are good, some are bad, and some are crazy! like ones that you receive from a mental hospital! :P or when you get stopped by a few people and you get asked to pray with them and then you’re asked to come back and read scriptures with them and then they try hitting on you..... yeah     no... not good! I don't enjoy that a whole lot. super friendly but perhaps for the next set of missionaries :p

we had a sick lesson with laura our i'd say coolest investigator and most looking forward to getting baptized! she's great, we taught her about the temple and temple blessings! she's so ready for baptism, we are just kinda waiting to have certain pieces fall into place for it. but we are going over to have FHE with her with Martino and martai! it should be pretty tight!

I love this area so much! its a blessing to be here in Kansas City and I just love being out serving the Lord! :)
love you!

ELder Rollins

His new companion is Elder Davies. Elder Davies is from Utah. He lives on a ranch and loves to hunt. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Elder Rollins' New Address


9927 LOCUST AVE #4204
KANSAS CITY, MO 64131-3393