Thursday, September 4, 2014

Another baptism!

September 2, 2014


<--- read to the tune of fresh prince of Bel air opening song lol so, this is the story, all about, how life got flipped turned upside down. we were sitting all comfortable then the Lord came down, and said your moving in with Grandview till we find you a new home.  

so we got booted from our apartment this week and the mission home was not able to find an available apartment in our area so we are currently living in Grandview, Mo but still working Kansas City, Mo. 

highlight of the week! was our baptism! :) it was sick! I have been so excited to see Laura get baptized! she is so awesome! it was fun teaching her and it will be awesome to see where the Lord takes her! :) 

the rest of the week was spent finding new people and trying to pack and clean our apartment! 

so as you can read, its been a crazy week! we had a lot of thing going on and can i tell you, there are some things that really changed my perspective. i came to the conclusion that i have been spending a lot of my time fighting against what God has been trying to tell me. i have been very prideful and wish that i could go back and change a lot of things in my past. 

so i was studying the scriptures (best thing to do when youre feeling down is to study the scriptures!) a little bit, trying to figure things out, and i came across the scripture in Isaiah that talks about how Heaven is higher than the earth and therefore gods ways are higher than our ways. 

i instantly went into wrestling mode and thought well, when you wrestle someone that is better than you or on a higher level than you, you have to do the things that are necessary to raise yourself to their level. 

in order to understand god, he being on a higher level, we need to reach up to a higher level by living a higher standard. Then we can understand what he's saying to us! so when i was trying to get my answers this week, i was praying a little more whole-heartedly, reading and studying more diligently, and searching and pondering for my answers. 

the spirit will be there when you have prepared yourself and have provided him a place where he can be. then you can receive more light from Our Father because we have positioned our self to a closer level to him than we were before! 

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