Monday, June 30, 2014

Be Prepared!

June 30, 2014


so this week was pretty interesting. I relearned a lesson of which the scouting program is constantly trying to instill into us: BE PREPARED! that way we wont waste miles! :P we drove out to wellington to knock it out, but when we got there, we both realized we had no materials to pass out. XD lame on my part. so we went to a members house in the neighboring city cuz we have no members in wellington, and taught them the ML1 (Member lesson 1) we devised a plan to teach all the members, lessons based on ensign talks combined with our missionary lessons, that way we continually learn how to teach better while sharing the gospel with everyone and hopefully increasing the members faith and inspiring them to share what they believe with others ! :)  

we have seen some cool miracles while trying to more diligently follow the spirit. we met some cool COC (Church of Christ) people and talked about the differences in our churches. i learned quite a bit from them and we had a real good discussion! :) 

while we were knocking on an investigator’s door, this kid drove by and yelled "they don’t want you!" and we were just like, what just happened and then come to find out, he was the Boyfriend of one of the girls in the ward and we had a nice chat with him for about an hour about life and what we do. then he said he'd come to church sometime, so that was pretty cool! 

we taught a cool lesson using this video as the key point for them progressing in this life 

on sunday our Elders Quorum president taught us about how to be good members of the church, incorporating others and making sure we are just good to people all around. i guess its could be summarized by saying let our light shine to everyone!

love you

Elder Rollins


Monday, June 23, 2014

Blessed To Be In Odessa

June 23, 2014

Very Blessed To Be In Odessa!

i had a pretty sweet week this week! we are having a big push to work with the youth in the ward so they have some experience with missionary work before they head out on their missions and so they will know what they are getting themselves into before they get out there :p it has been really fun! we took one of the young men out and just had a sick day! we taught 4 people lessons that we had never met before! it was a huge miracle to have that happen! we are very blessed to be here in the Odessa ward! 

we have a member that has been dying to go on team-ups with us. we were finally able to make it happen this last week and then the appointment we had been originally planned on taking him to, cancelled. so we prayed and decided to go see the Rogers and the lesson was outstanding! the Spirit was strong and this member gave a moving testimony at the end and then the Rogers came to sacrament this week! i just feel super blessed to see these miracles happen! :) 

we spent a lot of time driving around the massive area that we cover! we tried to find the members that know one knows who they were!

we got to go hay bailing! :) so much fun! i may just end up being a farm hand when i get home cuz i like the physical work of it ;)  

and our Elders Quorum leader took us out this week! :) 

we’ve been having big summer storms and so i've been trying to get pics of all of them! 

i gave myself a hair cut this morning. thought you'd like to see it :p 

also ive been working on my cooking skills. I like making breakfast, not much else tho :p 

we are just having a great time and really trying to be obedient and hard working! 

two things that will lead to better conversions to the Lord: 1) adhering to all his commandments and 2) magnifying your callings that he has chosen for you to do! 

love you! Elder Rollins

Monday, June 16, 2014

Long Week!

June 16, 2014

Long week! 


We lost the sisters in the Odessa Ward. its now just us Elders. we’ve been busy moving all week and haven’t had a whole lot of time to get work done.

They finally got a washer AND dryer 
and then they had to move! hahahaha 
They moved into the Sister's old apartment.

206 N Russell St. Apt C
Odessa, Mo 64076 

but the highlights of my week were seeing the Rogers! :) they are very special people and are hoping to be baptized soon! i really love them! we were able to work a lot with the Barbers and he is moving closer to baptism as well! :) i Love that family! and we got to go out to the farm this last week! i love the horse so much cuz it reminds me of Dad! umm... i dont know what else to say. my mind went blank. other high lights! we got to teach Gospel Principles class and Elders Quorum! :) i like teaching and seem to have a knack for it! oh yeah! miracle of the week! we had some guy come up and ask us for a bible and said that we could come back when we had one and he would be willing to listen to our message with his family! 
love you

Elder Rollins

Doing some journaling

Getting in a little workout! lol

"Yep! You the man!" lol

That foam roller has saved Hayes's back.

Love the Monster's Inc. sheets. 
(Thanks Misty & Todd)

Monday, June 9, 2014


June 9, 2014

In a letter from Elder Rollins: "Mom, I want to say thank you for telling me SO many times to chew with my mouth closed and to take smaller bites! lol Thank You!!! I love you mom! I love you mom for all the things you wouldn't back down on and for making me do things I didn't want to do!"


this week was an interesting week! :p 

we said good bye to a good friend that is leaving for the MTC. im gonna miss that kid! He will be serving in the Mesa, AZ mission.

i got to talk about wrestling a lot more in my week which always makes me happy! :) we got to talk to these kids who's lives are all about wrestling, like mine was, and a few kids in the ward looked me up and were impressed that you dont have to type my whole name into Youtube to see videos of me wrestling. lol  

we finally got to meet with the Rogers again and they are so prepared. they have selected the day of June 28th for their baptims! :) im so excited! 

i love The Odessa ward. its like my baby, ive been through a lot here and its cool to finally see things happening! i really dont wanna get the boot this week! i'll miss a lot of people here.

we had a really cool lesson given by Sister Costello with some of the guys in the ward. she had them think of a few things that they could do to help them strengthen their testimony and to keep them strong in the gospel. Some of their responses were reading the scriptures, praying and going to church. 

then she had them do a push up! she said doing the push up with your whole body is like if you are doing everything you're supposed to be doing to strengthen and support yourself in the gospel. 

If you don’t read your scriptures, its like taking an arm away! so they had to do a one arm push up. then she explained its hard to do whats right when you’re not doing what you need to do to support yourself spiritually.

then she said, now you’re not reading your scriptures or saying your prayers and she made them do a push up with only 1 arm and 1 leg. 

then she said, now you’re not reading your scriptures, saying your prayers or going to church! she made them do a push up with no arms and only 1 leg, which is impossible. Do you get the point? 

so i advise you all to think of this lesson and find something that you can do to improve your strength in the Lord. read the scriptures. all the questions that we have in this life can be answered by reading the holy words contained in the scriptures. go to church and partake of the sacrament so you remember Him in all you do and have that renewal of the Covenants you’ve made with the Lord. and remember to pray always to conquer the temptations of satan! 

God loves us and hears and answers our prayers! i know he does!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sometimes it's better to be patient

June 2, 2014

Sometimes it is Better to Be Patient

this week was an interesting week! 

i went on exchanges with Elder Higgins who is a new missionary and it kinda made me remember what it was like to be out for the first few weeks. i know that i have grown and changed a lot since i came out. im a lot more mature and a lot more knowledgeable in how to be a missionary! i find it easier to go and talk to people about the gospel perhaps because im more comfortable or because my faith has grown so much that i want to share it with everyone! 

we finished up scraping the Fenns porch which i why i was soaked in sweat in that one picture you got. finally! that project was a very good project to learn from.... i learned that i'm very good at grunt work and that persistence will get even the hardest paint off the ground lol 

we had zone interview with President Keyes and its sad to think he will be going home at the end of this month. but on the bright side, he said he would be willing to come to any wrestling match i have a UVU lol so i'll keep that in mind. but he made me promise that i would win! so i started working out a bit harder in the mornings. ;)

after interviews we had to help the sisters move a chair and we got a washing machine! that stupid washing machine..... i was getting frustrated with waiting on people helping me move it cuz Elder Wright has a tough time since he cant use both arms so i just grabbed it and moved it into the house by myself and im kinda regretting it because my back has been a little more stiff in the morning since then. lesson learned! dont try to do something by yourself that may hurt you when you have people willing to help you. 

so Elder Wright and i cooked dinner at the Barbers this week! we made pork chops and a bunch of other things.... 

ahhh president just called me! what the heck?? 

well i love you! ill let you know what his call is about next week! peace out! :)

In an email to Scott, Hayes said that the area is progressing and they have been finding people to teach everyday! :-)