Monday, October 6, 2014

Thoughts about conference

October 6, 2014


decisions make destiny! a quote that was said a few times this last week that I have been dwelling on constantly. 

I believe that we all have goals in this life! like mine to be a great servant of the lord. we are all faced with decisions everyday that will bring us closer to accomplishing that goal or not. like at 6:30 when the alarm goes off, do I get up or sleep for 5 more minutes? obviously the answer is I get up because that decision put me in line with the choice that will help me get closer to being a greater servant because it shows I am willing to be obedient. 

what things do we do that leads us closer to accomplishing our goal and what things don't lead us closer? two great questions that should be thought of before we make our decisions.

this week comes down to this tho! we get to experience miracles every day, not just see them but we are part of them. sometime we get caught up to much in the ‘what we want to do’ than ‘what our Father in Heaven is trying to show us we need to do’. 

General Conference was amazing, even though I feel like God has been in a rebuking mood lately, which makes me a little scared! I have learned a lot from it and am changing things in my life to make myself more in harmony with My Fathers will! 

he loves us and cares so much for us and sometimes we just take his love for granted. the miracle that we don't see sometimes, is the love he truly has for us. how does a father continue to love a child that chooses to go against his will consistently every day? I imagine that task is not an easy one but he does it. the miracle of his love should be something that brings us to our knees, causes us to rejoice all throughout the day, yet sometimes we are forgetful by what power it is that we have for our very breath. 

take time and thank our father for his love, his eternal love. and then ask him to forgive our forgetfulness and pray asking to be able to remember these things.

these are just a few of my thoughts from General Conference!

love you!

Elder Rollins

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