Monday, November 24, 2014

New Approach

November 24, 2014


okay so this week was fun! we are doing a program where the missionaries are teaching the youth in the wards, just like they were an investigator, in the hopes to help them increase their testimonies and to really get them deeper into the gospel. so we were able to meet with a kid in our ward that just moved in and he's super cool! you can see the fire burning in him but i dont think that he recognizes it in himself! so we are trying to get him to see it in himself, to see how amazing he truly is and how he has so much potential! 

we knocked some doors this week and i've been working on a new approach in talking to people cuz by the time we say, we are the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that they won't listen because people have so many misconceptions and false beliefs about us. Now we say that we are representatives of Jesus Christ and ask them if we can share a scripture and read one from the Book of Mormon and then testify about how that scripture is true; then we give them the book. so now we just go to people and let them experience the power that is contained in the Book of Mormon and promise them that if they read it and ask our Father in Heaven if its true that it will change their lives. people have been a little more receptive with this approach because they feel the spirit contained in the Book of Mormon. 

also i've been sick like all week and so has my comp so we didnt get to proselyte as much as we would have liked to. but we have still seen the Lords work in our lives! :)

so i've been getting back in shape! i've been in contact with travis crittenden, the strength coach for the Kansas City Chiefs and been getting tips and workouts from him and his assistant, i'm down to a constant 143 with intaking about 3500 calories a day. lol and only getting to work out like 2 times this last week. i've been changing my eating habits pretty good to try at least to loose some fat. lol we get to workout at our neighbors every other morning. i'm back to sets of 15 in pull ups and am trying to get to 3 sets of 10 with 205 on bench, my main focus really though has been my circuits for my legs and core. i'm starting to feel faster and more explosive again. i can grab the rim again in basket ball. lol i freak some kids out by doing that! :p 

the more we talk about going into the GCC program, the more i like it. dad, any chance that after your surgery you are going to be getting back into shape to help me get my technique back? recently i got to rewatch some of my wrestling matches (members like to look me up and then show me the videos they watched lol) and man i made so many mistakes! i just looked as if i really never put the peddle down and wrestled the whole second half of the senior year and all the way through nationals. it was like i really just didnt care or i just thought i was to good to try my hardest. i learned a lot from watching those.

the missions going great! we saw some sweet miracles this week! some people came to church that i never though would!

Transfers are on Thanksgiving Day! I'll let you know on Monday if I stay or go and if my comp stays or goes. I hope I stay!

love ya!

ps you should send me one of those wrestling shirts! for gcc

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