Monday, January 27, 2014

7 months out!

January 27, 2014

Great Week!

okay so heres the week! so monday the haughts came down! it was probably the best Pday present i could have ever gotten! :) i miss and love that family! then we ate at a place called Down Home Cafe and i ended up spending all tuesday throwing up cuz of their lunch "special"! Never again will we be eating there! we began to see miracles wednesday after district meeting. while in odessa we met lori who said “yes, you need to come back next week at 11” and the only reason we saw her is because the Lord led us to a different house! she's really cool and it'll be our first teaching appointment in our new area! im so excited! then later that night we were looking for a potential. we decided to call it dinner time so we could eat before we went to mutual (we went to mutual because we helped plan the activity with the young mens president and he wanted our help!) so we walk in and theres this girl with bright red hair and i instantly thought "thats the girl that lives in the house our potential lives in". and we just kinda joked it off and then when we knocked on the door two days later, there stood the girl with bright red hair! she let us in and said that she's looking for beliefs that make sense and something that will help her children! :) it was amazing! great week! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Slow Week

January 21, 2013

The Ups and Downs of a Missionary

okay so this past week was kinda lame because Elder Bitton was sick all week... so all my week was studying and learning and trying to learn more and become the faithful servant that Heavenly Father needs me to be! so i studied the Godhead and faith! and i know that our Heavenly Father is a Loving patient just and merciful God and he wants all of his children to return to live with him. Jesus, our Brother! came to the earth in Gods name so that he could take upon all the sins of the world from the first sin that Adam made till the ones we will make in the future because we all sin and with out Christ we wouldn’t be able to return to live with our Father again! i studied a lot in Revelations and have been enlightened regarding things to come and realize that in the end, God wins.. and all those on his side win too! so why should we choose to do anything contrary to Gods will if we know that He wins?? that doesn’t make sense does it? i know that through reading the scriptures and listening to our Prophets from old to the Magnificent Prophets we have on earth today we will be on Gods side and will return to live in his glory again! 
love you all! 
Elder Rollins!
ps, make sure youre on the winning team! :)

When Elder Rollins was transfered, 5 days before Christmas, he forgot his Christmas stocking with all his presents. lol He thought he could get it when he returned for a baptism that weekend, but the weather did not cooperate and he was not allowed to drive on the icy and snowy roads. No presents for Christmas. :-( Christmas came and went. The wonderful Haught family drove all the way from Overland Park and made arrangements to meet up with Elder Rollins so they could drop off all the things he left behind. lol So, He finally got his Christmas presents this week! hahahaha 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Busy is GOOD!

January 13, 2014


No letter for the blog but Elder Rollins sent a few pics this time:

"District meeting of the fanny pack" LOL
Hmmmm... I wonder who started this tradition? hahahaha
I think Elder Rollins and Elder Bitton are wearing the matching ties 
we sent them for Christmas! LOL 

All he said about this photo was...

"Check this kid out! He's AWESOME!" 
(I think he looks a little bit like Zack Humphreys!) hahahaha

"The weather is crazy here! You got everything from negative temps, to snow, to freezing rain and me in a short sleeve shirt today! I love it here though!" 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Keep Working Hard!

January 6, 2014


Mom: I saw on Facebook that the Overland Park 1st ward cancelled sunday services yesterday. Did your ward get cancelled too?
Elder Rollins: not yesterday but it was the week before

Mom: What do you do when you don't have church?
Elder Rollins: umm study... we dont really get out to much because if its bad enough to not have church, our Mission President has already called us and told us not to go out...

Mom: Tell me how you and Elder Bitton are doing as companions.
Elder Rollins: we are doing good, i really like working with him! 

Mom: What are Elder Bitton's good traits?
Elder Rollins: he's super smart! and pretty funny. we just kinda laugh and play all day and the best thing is that he's a real missionary, he's not fake.

Mom: How has he helped you?
Elder Rollins: he's helping me push myself! making me think more because i dont wanna get left behind!

Mom: What do you contribute to the companionship?
Elder Rollins: ive got stories lol i know how to work with children and i can break the lessons down to where anyone can understand them.

Mom: Are you able to do companion study together?
Elder Rollins: yes we do comp study together!

Mom: Who is the senior companion?
Elder Rollins: im not to sure???

Mom: Can you drive with your bum ankle?
Elder Rollins: yes i feel like my ankles pretty much already healed!

Mom: How are you doing with the cold?
Elder Rollins: colds not too bad, you just make sure you dress warm!

Mom: How long can you stay out knocking doors in this frigid weather?
Elder Rollins: umm more than about 20 minutes and they say, any open skin can have frostbite so we dont stay out to long 

Mom: Do you have special rules or different rules when it is so cold and icy?
Elder Rollins: not really. just try to be safe and dont do stupid things!

Mom: How many towns have you visited?
Elder Rollins: umm... Oak Grove, Odessa, Buckner, Kingsville, Holden, Napolean

Mom: What are the names of all the town in your ward boundaries?
Elder Rollins: idk i cant remember them all.... most of them have like 5 families in them and are super far away and spread out.

Mom: What is your plan of attack for getting this area going?
Elder Rollins: work hard and use the members.. they are all super excited to do missionary work so the plan is to 1 give them activities to invite their friends to and 2 teach them how to move their friends to meeting with missionaries. we will get nothing done here with out the members... the area is to strong in their beliefs to just step out and let missionaries in to their homes. so MEMBER MEMBER MEMBERS

Mom: Do you visit one town per day?
Elder Rollins: no i wish. we dont have the miles to do that

Mom: How do you decide what town to visit?
Elder Rollins: prayer and based on how many miles we can afford to use. 

this week was a better week than last week, we had zone training and exchanges. zone training was different. just kind of a lax week not a whole lot happened, the few appointments we had fell through... sad day. but you know how things go just keep working hard!

Update on the weather!