Monday, July 28, 2014

Transfered to the Kansas City 1st Ward

July 28, 2014


Elder Rollins was transfered! He was transferred to the Kansas City 1st ward. Andy Reid, the head football coach of the Kansas City Chiefs attends this ward! Andy Reid is the Uncle to JT Garrett who has been friends with Hayes since birth! Haylee's friend Danny Sorenson, who played for the BYU Cougars Football team was signed by the Chiefs and attended Hayes's new ward 2 weeks ago. Hayes and Danny hung out together a couple of summers ago. We love the Mormon connections! 

what a week! :) man i love being a missionary! this has been one of my most sad transfers yet! i hated leaving all the people i love in Odessa! but i already feel like im at home in the Kansas City area! :) I have an awesome new companion Elder Davies who is from Spanish Fork Utah. he's pretty sick! he lives on a ranch and is a hunter and we are just chillan it up together! we have a booming area! we have a few people on date to be baptized and an investigator getting baptized this weekend! :) its going to be a really good transfer! i am excited to be serving in the "Ghetto" as everyone calls it around here, but the funny thing is that we have some of the richest people in Kansas City in our area too! just look up The Plaza in Kansas City and you'll understand what i mean! 

the ward is so cool! we already had a cool ward picnic last week and the ward had a pretty good turn out! the Bishop is pretty dang cool! he had us over to his house for lunch and then took us to help someone move into the ward!  thats how i like moving into a new ward, getting right to work! 

so we have a few people that are probably going to make my emails for a while! Martino, Martai and Damion, they are brothers that are all just getting into the church and they are pretty dang cool! Martino was the first to join, because his Grandma wanted him to learn! he is so cool because he is the most solid! he comes out on team-ups with us and is just a really good kid! and from his example his Brother Martai got baptized too! he's working a bit on staying active but he's such a good kid. i think we'll get him stronger and his little brother will follow his example by getting baptized this saturday! we spend a lot of time with their family and are praying for their mom to come around too!

i've met a few other people that we are working with and its just great to be here! 

Remember this! the Lord makes sure we are where we need to be! 

love you! 

Elder Rollins

Saying Good-Bye to the People of Odessa!

District Meeting

I think Elder Rollins has plenty of ties! hahahaha

The Barbers

Man! Elder Rollins is really short! hahahaha 

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