Monday, July 29, 2013

Good Week!

July 29, 2013

Gosh dang it Drew, he needs to be more careful! 

so this week was a pretty good week! we played a lot of hard basket ball last monday and then 

Tuesday we didnt have our normal service project at the farmstead so we went and got my bike and tried to see a bunch of people, we didnt really see anyone during the day because no one answered their doors. and then we had dinner with a cool family! we went and read scriptures with Julie who is our special assignment from the bishop to help her read the whole Book of Mormon. 

Wednesday Elder Crowton was sick so we were home most the day so i read the scriptures and studied as much as i could! then we had dinner and went and taught one of our solid investigators!

Thursday was another weird day and kinda i feel like we wasted a ton of time! we did our studies and then weekly planning which we did in 30 minutes and its supposed to take 2 hours. so i read the ensign and my comp made a planner cover and some stuff! then we saw the Haughts and taught their niece and her friend because they are getting baptized on the 24th of Aug. then we met kelsey who is another of Mimi's grand daughters. (MImi is the one that says were called here to bring her family to the church!) and gave her a Book of Mormon and she seemed really receptive and acted like she wanted to read it and learn more!

Friday we had dinner with the Manning's a really cool family after our district meeting study and meeting with julie! then we went and taught Nicki and committed her to baptism on aug 17th

Saturday we had the farmstead and it was a ton of fun! we got to help and be part of their chicken run. then we had lunch and studied then got ready for dinner, we had dinner with the Walker’s who recently adopted a baby girl! he is also a chiropractor and was able to work on my back! (just another tender mercy of the Lord!) then we saw julie and the haughts!  

Sunday was good! church is always wonderful! and we had the opportunity to just have a great day. then we found out that the Goldens werent going to be able to be baptized on this Saturday for legal reasons but i think the Lord will make all things work out but the baptism will most likely be postponed this weekend.

love you so much and miss everyone like crazy! i love the work im doing and im excited to get better at it and become the missionary the Lord wants me to become!

These are the "goons" (Hayes's word) from the neighboring ward that we share a car with.


Okay, that’s a lot to answer!

Q. So how's the weather over there? 
A. I guess Hayes didn’t think that was a good question to answer because he left it blank! hahaha

Q. Have you finished cleaning your apartment yet? hahaha 
A. No i haven’t finished cleaning it, but i got some comet today for the sink and bathtub!

Q. Have you met any members of your ward that you just love!? 
A. Yes! A family called the Haughts. They are just incredible people, they are a recent convert/less active family and they say we were called here to baptize the rest of their family and reunite them as well!

Q. Are you in Jeffy's nephew's ward, I think his name is Brit?
A. he was for a week or two but i dont think he is permanently in this ward

Q. Is Andy Reed in your ward?
A. no he’s not

Q. Have you gotten any letters from your friends or family yet?
A. ive gotten letters from a few people like you and dad and Savannah and Brady and Vanessa and Karissa 

Q. Can you access missionary blogs so you can see what your friends are up to on their missions? I foreworded you one from everyone! Accept Brady doesn't have one. 
A. keep forwarding them to me its better and easier for me!

Q. Is everything we got you for your mission working out?
A. everything but the back pack, i am supposed to not wear a back pack anymore, only satchels 

Q. Your clothes? 
A. my cloths are great!

Q. luggage? 
A. is awesome!

Q. Camel pack?
A. works amazing but im not really even supposed to have it

Q. Shoes? 
A. shoes are great 

Q. Do you have enough hangers? 
A. didnt even have to use mine in the appartment

Q. Did you have to get a bike yet? (just saw your bank account. I take it you got a bike! hahahah)
A. yes i got a bike and have asked sister rich about it lol

Q. How do you get around in this area?
A. mainly walk because we dont have any miles and we share a car and my comps kinda lazy when it comes to physically working

Q. Did you get an electric razor?  
A. No
Q. Do you still want one? yes
Q. Do you want dad to pick one out for you and send it? 
A. that’d be awesome! 

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