Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What a coincidence!

July 24, 2013

What a Coincidence?

I sent another questionnaire for Hayes to answer:

On the day Hayes entered the MTC, there were 896 missionaries that arrived that day. It was 4 short of the record!

Q. Was the airport full of missionaries the day you flew out?
A. Yes! We had a group of 100 missionaries flying to different places that day. 

Q. How many missionaries did you fly out with to Missouri? 
A. 23 went to Missouri

Q. What did you do your first day in Missouri?
A. We visited Liberty Jail and the temple, then had meetings and interviews until 12:30. 

What a coincidence!
Q. Who is your first companion/trainer?
A. Elder Crowton. His dad was BYU's football coach a few years back. (Elder Crowton's sister was a BYU gymnast Haylee's freshman year. Haylee just saw Tara recently and they were chatting about how their little brothers could end up being companions! LOL Never thought they would be each other's FIRST companions!)

Q. Where is he from?
A. Louisiana

Q. How long has he been out?
A. 3 months

Q. What was it like meeting President and Sister Keyes? 
A. It was awesome, and I hope I get the chance to work with him more closely. 

Q. What is your first apartment like? OR do you live with members?
A. It's a luxury apartment but super dirty, so I've been cleaning it!

Q. How many elders do you live with?
A. 1 just my companion

Q. Do you have to wait to open your letters until P-Day or can you read letters the day you get them?
A. I read letters the day I get them and answer them the day I get them. 

Q. What was your first meal in Independence?
A. Some turkey steak thing! Made by Sister Keyes. It was pretty good!

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