Saturday, July 6, 2013

Email #2: Actually, THIS was the first email home.

July 6, 2013

Actually, THIS was the first email home. :)


So It’s like day 3 and my p-day will be on Saturdays! So the spirit here is ridiculous! I love it here and wish I had more than 2 weeks! My district is awesome! We have clicked so fast and really have a love for each other! My companion Elder Bell and I are very in tune with each other! the spirit is really helping us! So our room mates are going with us to Independence but they are the only ones in our entire zone! I thinks it’s going to be hard to leave them, especially Elder T. Remind me to tell you about him later! His spirit is incredible and he has a love of the Savior and this gospel like none other! So we just put our laundry in and we have time set apart to email you after we have done that!!

Oh yeah! So me and my companion were called to be the the zone leaders!!!! following in my best friends footsteps! We have not had the opportunity to meet our branch president because he has been outta town this week!

Yesterday was the first time we have had time to work out or have gym time! It was great! The elders in my zone and I were able to play some basketball! We have a pretty athletic group of guys!

There is no contention here which is one reason why I think the spirit is so strong.

yesterday one of the branch presidency came down to our rooms and talked to a few of us. He told us that when they told him that the missionaries in his branch were going to be here only 2 weeks instead of the 3 that they used to be, that he thought well, these elder are going to have to learn very quick!! I have already seen the lord bless our minds that it can be quickened so that we can learn all that we need in the 2 weeks we are here. The lord has blessed me so much these last few days that its incredible! I know that the only way that I could have learned this much so quickly was through the spirit and I am learning to rely on the spirit more and more as each day passes so that I can increase my knowledge, my faith, and my understanding of my purpose of a missionary and how to be the best I can be!

Our branch president told us this story about a cadet in the army that’s really strengthened me. So all the cadets were leaving around the same time. They all got to boot camp and realized that each day there were rankings given by their commanding officers and that they would have and opportunity to be the commanders themselves. So everyday they would check the rankings and everyday the same cadet was in the lead. The scores were accumulative and by the end of the month, his score blew everyone elses outta the water. When they got back from their camp he was interviewed about being the number one cadet and when asked how he did it he said, "it was easy. I just made sure that everyday each commanding officer had their best day ever." So this showed me that we need to make sure that our companion has their best day everyday and that will lead us to be the best companion we can be. That applies to you in work, in your marriage, in any relationship. Make sure everyone around you has their best day ever and you will be the best companion any one can ask for!

I love you dad!!! and miss you a lot! Wish me luck in my teachings and learnings. You’re in my prayers! Know that I love you and God loves you!!

Talk to you next week!

I sent this to dad last week so can you make sure he gets it??????????

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