Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Perspective



August 5, 2013

This months ensign, a talk called the 4th kind of missionary and the scriptures have changed my out look on my mission! i have been looking at my mission the wrong way! i had been focused on being a great missionary and learning all i could, but the ensign and the scriptures and the talk i read have truly inspired me to stop worrying so much about being a great missionary but being a servant of the lord!  the way to be a servant of the lord is through being worthy and able to receive and recognize promptings of the Holy Ghost! reading about our Savior, Jesus Christ, allowed me to realize that i need to willingly submit my will to that of my Heavenly Father and become his humble servant.  

so now i am focusing more on being His servant than just being a great missionary! 

if i can find the talk ill send it home!

also i have a letter written to you because i was just writing down all my thoughts about this. if you could type it up and post it that would be great! lol 

love you lots! 
Elder Rollins!

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