Monday, July 8, 2013

Answers to my questions :)

July 8, 2013


When I wrote Hayes during his first week, I sent him one page full of questions and left space for him to answer the questions and send the paper back in a self-addressed stamped envelope hoping that would expedite the letter! :) A brilliant idea I stole from my very smart mother. hahahaha

Mom:  What was your first day at the MTC like?
Elder Rollins:  CRAZY! We got shown around real quick then taken to class and then to a welcoming meeting and never had time to look back!

Mom:  Was it wat you expected, or not?
Elder Rollins:  More or less. Yes, it was what I was expecting. 

Mom:  Who is your first companion?
Elder Rollins:  Elder Bell

Mom:  What is he like?
Elder Rollins:  Gabe Dominguez! LOL (Gabe was one of Hayes's wrestling teammates in high school)

Mom: Where is he from?
Elder Rollins:  UTAH

Mom:  Where will he serve?
Elder Rollins:  Independence! :)

Mom:  Have you seen anyone you know at the MTC?
Elder Rollins:  Preston, Alex & Tanner Field.

Hayes has trouble sleeping...
Mom: How did you sleep your first night?
Elder Rollins:  Like a baby.

Mom:  What are the BEST things about being at the MTC?
Elder Rollins:  The Spirit is constantly there and the family bond we have formed. 

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