Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Elder Rollins Spotted at the MTC

July 3, 2013

Spotted at the MTC! 

Today was a fun day! I received a text from Hayes's friend Savannah. 

Savannah:  Hi Sister Rollins! This is Savannah Frampton!! :) I have a surprise for ya ;)

Me:  You do, do yah?! hahahaha

Savannah: Yup!! I ran into someone I think you know!!

Me: Where are you at? 

Savannah:  Hayes says hello!! He says he has a letter for you he just needs to send it!

Me:  Hahahaha! Oh My Gosh! Where are you? How did you see him? Call me if you can!! :)

Savannah:  My great uncle is the MTC president so he let me and my family in for a tour! We ran into Hayes while we were in the mess hall for lunch! :) He just left to go curbside and help all the new missionaries arriving!

Me:  AWSOME! That's so cool!! Thank you for letting me know and sending me those pictures! Made my day!!! :)

Savannah:  Great running into him. He absolutely LOVES it here! Said it was the best week of his life and he's so close to his district he considers them family! He's the zone leader of his zone!! He cannot wait to get out into the field. :))

Me:  That is SO cool! He's in his element! LOL

Savannah: Oh ABSOLUTELY :) It's fantastic here :)

Savannah & Elder Rollins in the mess hall at the MTC.

It's official! He's got the name tag and everything!:)

Elder Rollins and his companion going curbside 
to welcome incoming missionaries. 
He was really hoping he would get to do this while he was in the MTC.
His friend Maggie McKinney enters the MTC today! 
Maybe he will get to see her. :) 

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