Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's a Small World

It's a Small World

July 21, 2013

Sunday, Scott got a text from his friend Jeff Garrett. We have known Jeffy since before we were married! Hayes and their son JT have been friends since birth. Jeffy just happened to be visiting his Brother-in-law, Andy Reid, the coach for the Kansas City Chiefs football team, in Kansas City. They went to church with his nephew and low and behold, who does he see in this ward in Missouri... Elder Hayes Calvert Rollins! hahahaha Hayes said Jeffy looked like a hobo in his street clothes and bearded face! bahahahaha He almost didn't recognize him! LOL Jeffy said Elder Rollins looked good! :)

Then I arrived at church and Sister Bunker caught me and began to ask if we knew that Chris and Kerri Church moved to Independence, MO. The church family used to be in our ward! I did know that they had moved to MO and thought at some point Hayes might get to see them. Well, she told me that Brother Church is the ward mission leader of his ward and Hayes is one of his missionaries serving in his ward! hahahaha It is a small world in the church! 


JULY 22, 2013

President Keyes is an amazing man! i love him! the spirit is incredibly strong with him! i wish that i got to work with him more closely! so this week has been a good week! we worked hard and did a lot, but we also slacked off one day, then the Lord taught us that if we waste his time, he'll waste our time! but he didn’t waste all of it. i said a prayer to my self repenting of being idol and the next house we went to the people were home, we read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with them and then we prayed with them!

Throughout the whole Book of Mormon the prophets are always calling the people to repentance, so ive made it a personal goal to sincerely repent of all my misdeeds and things, every night and also repent about the things that we could have done and to make better choices so that i can always have the Spirit with me!

my teaching is getting way better! im a little behind in the pace i wanna be at so i have to work a little harder in my personal studies so i can get them passed off!

Love you mom!! 

Haylee!!!!! im glad camps went well! thanks for emailing me!! i love hearing from you!  im glad one of us is strong and fit! i only have 30 minutes a day to work out and have no equipment! ive lost like 20lbs since my heaviest, im weighing in the high 140s now :( my shirts don’t need the collar extender any more... im still fast and strong tho! i feel myself  getting more ripped, im being careful on what i eat cuz i dont want to gain fat weight! im starting to get to that point where it looks like im training for wrestling again.  i love hearing from you and really love hearing that things are going well! 

Love your little brother!

i’ve learned fast the work is increasing and people are ready to hear our message! the lord will guide us to those that want to hear us and then if we have the spirit they will accept and be baptized! theres no way we can keep up with the spirit! it works hard and fast! but if we work as hard as we can, the spirit will bless us with incredible things!  

love and miss you! 
your son!
-Elder Rollins

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