Monday, July 15, 2013

He made it to Missouri!

July 15, 2013


This picture was taken in front of 
the Kansas City, MO temple. 

Isn't this temple just beautiful?
What a blessing it is to have a temple in his mission.  

Email #3

July 15, 2013

thanks for the pics! ive kinda been home sick lately! so it was good to see you and dad! ive been trying to keep my home sickness away by listening to the music on my ipod cuz it always reminds me of you!!

hahah yes i recieved the package it was amazing! next time just send me healthy stuff cuz we never get anything healthy. all members feed us is garbage and i’m kinda sick of it! this week is going to be kinda an expensive week on my card! so just letting you know now!

send the letter to the mission home and they will automatically forward it to me! thats what they have asked us to do, so just do that?

thanks for the package! it made my week! the Calypso was an awesome surprise! thank you for the cleaning stuff. our apartment was a freaking pig stye!! but its already looking better! mom! you should be proud of how much cleaning and stuff i've got done! i think i’ve got some pics of what the apartment looks like and the pic is only half of how bad it actually looked! i’ll send you pics of how clean it is when me and my companion Elder Crowton are done cleaning it, feel free to send me ANY CLEANING SUPPLIES that you can! it’s made me very home sick seeing how messy it was and made me miss you like crazy!! to stop missing you, i’ve been listening to The Work and Calee Reed! the last 2 songs really remind me of you and have been helping me not miss you a lot!

It's nice to know that Hayes NOW appreciates 
my desire for cleanliness! hahahaha 

so my favorite 2 experiences this week are tracting because we knocked 7 doors, 3 people answered and we got 2 return appointments! hahahah it was a tracting miracle! according to my trainer.

so the second most memorable experience is that we did service for an old lady that we thought was only going to take an hour or so but ended up taking 5 hours and then she fed us and when she feed us she told us how she wanted to be a saint in the catholic church and that she only needed to have one more miracle to do so! and then she blessed all of us and gave my comp an i a cross and a WWJD bracelet lol!

so i have set a goal to  accomplish all that's required of me to be a trainer before the beginning of the next transfer because i don't like being a junior comp and have no idea what to do or have any control... that might be bad and i love my trainer but i think there is so much more that we could be doing for these people than what he is allowing us to do! so pray that i cant make it through these next six weeks. so the normal span of training is 12 weeks i’m going to try to get that all done in 6!! i haven’t been very good at memorizing things in the past but i have learned that with the Lord all things are possible and i’ve already gotten done with the 1st two weeks of stuff within the first 5 days of being here! if i can keep on that pace ill be teaching and preaching along side my companion with all the knowledge that a missionary is supposed to have. i can definitely tell the spirit apart from other things and can feel when i’m trying to teach and when the spirit is teaching through me. its incredible!! i have much to learn but i know with the Lords help i can do anything!!

I wanna tell you about the 4 major spiritual things that changed my life, so far, those would be: Being baptized, EFY, trek, TEMPLE and MISSION. 

1st thing was meeting the Rich family! They have helped shape me into the man I am today. Brady was my best friend for the longest time and I long to see him again like no other and me and him will be life long friends that know we can count on each other for anything!! His mom and dad are like my 2nd parents and leaving them was almost as hard as leaving my mother and father because I respect and love them so much and Taylor has been the little brother I’ve always wanted to have!

2nd would be wrestling!! It has helped me create the work ethic that I have now! It has given me drive to be able to do anything hard because I can’t think of anything that’s more physically exhausting/mentally exhausting or more demanding in any way, shape or form. Like Dan Gable said "Once you’ve, wrestled everything else in life is easy." I truly believe that statement! I’ts helped me understand that the work I put in, is equivalent to what I’ll get out of it.

3rd, my relationship with Ashleigh, both from the beginning of us dating to learning how to love and be in a relationship, to when it ended and actually learning how to make a relationship work well and understanding that it really is a 2 way street and that I have a long way to go before I can really be good at developing and having a great relationship whether it be with family members or friends or with a girlfriend. 

4th, my friendship with Devin Delvecchio. He helped me to push through things I didn’t know I could do. I attribute a lot of my humility and being the man I’ve changed into from last year to this year, to him. He taught me how to be my self again and that I can work hard and have fun. He showed me that I should put myself out there and good things will happen because I am who I am and stick heavily to the things I believe he is also a man that I can count on to help get me through thick and thin.

Love you all and will talk to you next week!!!

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