Saturday, July 6, 2013

First Email Home

July 6, 2013

FINALLY! First Email Home. :)


The MTC is incredible!! We were all kinda getting unfocused early this week so we held a zone meeting and discussed how we need to get back on track!! My Zone is amazing!! I call it my zone because I’m the zone leader. I don’t remember if I told you that or not!! But it has just been the coolest thing in the world! I get to work with President Terry and Brother Heyward and Brother Lauritxen a lot and they have really helped me change into a missionary that I feel you could be proud of! The best part about this has been watching the camaraderie and the brotherhood that has formed between all of us!! The spirit is incredulous. If I wasn’t here I wouldn’t believe how strong it is! I feel like we are in a time zone where the rules of time don’t apply to us because we have learned enough material that would take me 2 years to learn else where but the Lord has allowed me to learn it in 1 week!

I have seen Alex, Preston, Tanner Field, Wyatt’s friend in Utah that went camping with me! and Maggie McKennie, from Florida!! So Preston broke his leg... he’s fine and is not going home!

Alex's girlfriend died in a car accident last week and I finally got to see him the 4th of July! and we got to talk and sit next to each other in the devotional! I had been praying for him to be strengthened and that he wouldn’t loose hope and that I would be able to help him in some way! and that day in class we had a super spiritual lesson, so I already felt the spirit when I saw him and a swear the Lord was allowing me to feel his pain. I say this because a great sorrow over swept me and we cried together and we talked through some things and then he leaned over to me and whispered, “man, thank you.” You have been an answer to my prayers and he continued by saying, “I have been asking the Lord to strengthen me and seeing you has brought my hopes back. Right then and their I knew the spirit was there and helping both of us and testifying of the truth to us! Preston was also sitting behind us and my heart was just so freaking over joyed that I was crying and thanked the Lord for answering my prayers and my faith grew exponentially from that! I know that I’m moving in the right direction in fully converting my self again in the Lord. because in Mosiah 18 its talking about the saints being baptized and the part talking of conversion says, “yea, and are willing to mourn with those that mourn; and comfort those that stand in need of comfort...” and the Lord allowed me to do that for Alex and increase both our faith!!

I also saw Savannah Frampton. She was having a tour from PRESIDENT NALLY WHO IS THE pRESIDENT of the MTC. and when I went over to them I got to meet him and shake his hand! He is incredible and full of the spirit! He is following what the Lord wants him to do! I could also feel the love he had for me in that instant! That was a really cool experience! Yesterday was incredible as well! We were in in-field orientation and it was and incredible 9 and a half hours!! but that has been the biggest help I’ve had up to this point! 

I love you mom and the Lord loves you! I pray for you every night!
-Elder Rollins

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