Monday, November 25, 2013

The Work is Progressing!

November 25, 2013

this week was freezing cold!!!!! like 29 was the high a couple of days! which means it was tcfh (to cold for hayes!) lol but on the bright side we had a sick week! 

i have decided that i love service! we were able to rake some leaves for Mary faith! and she wants us to come and help her rip out her carpet next week! and on top of that shes coming to church with us! :) when someone says that they want to come to church with us i want to like cry cuz no one ever wants to come to church with us! 

we finally hit Brother Brazzells heart yesterday night! he truly sounded sincere when said he will really read and pray about the Book of Mormon from now on. i was so excited! now that he's on board his family should be baptized before the end of the year! :) i am so excited for their family!  

Leashia will get baptized soon, just kinda needs to break down her wall, its like when someone gets heart broken from a relationship and they put up a wall and dont let anyone in cuz they dont wanna get hurt again, thats where she's at.. 

so today for pday we have to deep clean our apartments... no basketball and no sports.. im very sad but happy cuz now our apartment will be spotless! even though its already pretty clean.

this is what i studied this week because president gave me some scriptures to read!, i hope you like it and understand it and it can help you cuz it brought new light to me! 

the scrpitures were Isaiah 58:6-9 doctrine and covenants 121: 45 and doctrine and covenants 50:29 

so this is what i learned from the scriptures he gave me:

i learned that when im fasting that i truly need to put my heart into it and that as im fasting for repentance that i will literally feel my burdens get lighter and the chains holding me back will be lifted from me. i have already begun to feel that happening. sin covers us up from the spirit and as we repent its like the sun coming up in the morning. the difference is incredible as you feel the spirit starting to come back into your life and as we continue to live righteously we will have the spirit more fully. then the Lord forgives us fully the more sincere we are and takes us back into his presence when the Holy Ghost is willing to be with us.

sin usually begins as a thought and if we learn to control or to watch our thoughts (Mosiah 4:30) we can better keep away from sin and as we stay away from sin we will be more charitable because sin is usually a selfish desire. also as we live better we have the spirit with us and are worthy to use the priesthood which will help us be charitable because the priesthood just allows us to serve others. every aspect of the priesthood is meant for us to serve.

as we become clean and purified, we will be blessed and we can ask for whatever we need and if its in line with the will of our Father he will let it be done. so we need to be clean so that our prayers will be answered because our cleanliness allows us to have the spirit and the spirit will guide us to ask for the things the God wants us to ask for so he can bless us.

love you! 
Elder Rollins

Some Questions:

Q. How often do you get to use the car? 
You should definitely get a picture of you guys directing each other when you are backing out of a space! hahaha i always get a kick out of the missionaries having to do that! 
A. we have the car every other week! and i dont have to direct the backing up cuz im the senior companion and Elder McCurdy doesnt have driving privileges yet.

Q. How much time do you get on the computer each week?
A. im on for like a little over 2 hours. pretty much we have time to do what we need. we were told to take at least 2 hours if we need it! :)

Q. How many emails do you usually get each week? 5, 10, More?
A. ive been averaging like 35 emails a week.

Q. Where do you go to check your emails? Library? Church building?
A. we check them at the library

Q. Are you going to get a facebook?
A. we will get face book but probably not until july when President Keyes leaves.

Q. Did you get the Thanksgiving package?
If you don't eat the Pumpkin bread right away, keep it in the frige.
A. yes got it and i already ate it lol :) mail me more:) i love it and it wasnt enough!

Q. hahahaha! There is never enough pumpkin bread! lol
Did you share it? or Horde it? hahah
A. shared it lol most of it. actually 2 loaves to mccurdy, shared with elder smedley and a loaf to the sisters!

Q. if you get transferred, does that mean someone else will finish training Elder McCurdy? How is his training going?
A. no. his training ends at the end of this transfer. he wont freakin do his lessons, other than that hes an awesome missionary!

Q. Do I write too many letters?
Let me know if I am going over board!
A. nope keep sending them!

Q. Hows the ankle?

Q. When are your next transfers?
Should I send your Christmas presents to your apartment?
I will be mailing them the second week of December.
Will you get them?
A. send stuff to the mission office to be safe and transfers are december 19th.... i think i'll be leaving.

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