Saturday, November 2, 2013

4 months out!

October 28, 2013


ok so this week was an interesting week! we got 2 new investigators! we received a call from this old lady that needed some help doing service and so we jumped on the opportunity to actually do some physical labor! we were going to take some walpaper down but then we ended up taking a shower stall down. the whole time we were there, we both felt super weird but we kept sticking it out because for some reason we felt like we needed to be there! so while we were waiting for more work to do we saw her husband and the spirit of the situation dramatically changed! he was the reason why we were there!  While we were having dinner with mary and jac, Elder McCurdy, being a stud, just kept talking to them about being missionaries and what we do. then we ended up talking to them about our mission, our families and the communications we have with them! and they talked about their idea of families and then we gave them a family proclamation to the world! then the next day we dropped off a Living Christ to them and so far they love everything that we give them and really enjoy our company! they also give us service opportunities so were going to keep seeing them and teaching them and hopefully they'll get baptized!!
we had zone interviews which were awesome! president keyes is just a truly inspired man! so at these interviews, we have questionairs that we fill out and at the bottom theres a place where we can write down our concerns and i always try to make president laugh! so this time i wrote "why do i worry so much??" so he got to the question and just laughed and then told me Elder Rollins why do you worry so much? and i joking said i think i inherited it from my mom! we laughed a bit then he continued by saying Elder you worry because your faith isnt as strong as you wish it to be! there are 3 levels of faith.
1)  most Christians have a good understanding of the 1st level and that is having the faith that Jesus was the savior and died for us and its through him we are saved!
2) the next one most latter day saints have down and it is that its through our works, desires and through christ that we are saved!
3) the last one is where im lacking, as long as we are living our lives the best that we can, our best is good enough to be saved! i worry that my best isnt good enough but i now know that my best is all i can give and that is all that our father in heaven asks of us! He makes up the difference! so i am going to keep giving it my best and my all!
i know this church is true! i know that it is through Christ our savior and redeemer that we are saved! and i know that all we can do is give it everything we got and thats what we are asked to do! our church is a church of action. but not just of our works, its is also our desires. our true desires. we can do all we want but if we arent doing it whole heartedly, its like we are not doing things for the right reasons. check your heart before you do something and see where your heart lies. make sure your heart is for Christ and thats how we return to live with our father!
love you!
Elder Rollins!

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