Monday, November 4, 2013

Short & Sweet

November 4, 2013


so this week was a solid week! 
we worked our tails off and it payed off! 

sadly we didnt get to see Jillian or leashia this week! normally they are our set appointments but they had to cancel and then stuff came up so that they couldnt come to church but this week we will get to see them and hopefully leashia will get to come to the visitors center on saturday! 

we worked hard and tracted a lot! and it payed off! we were tracting and got a call from one of our investigators and he started harassing us cuz he just drove passed us!  then he told us to swing by a bit later! and when we got off the phone call we had been on a corner and i looked at Elder McCurdy and was like thats a sweet corvette lets knock on this guys door! so we turned and walked to his door and knocked on it! and the door opened and this huge dog came barreling out at us! its a bull mastiff.. i almost peed my self cuz she ran right to me and stopped then looked at me and started licking me... i was so relieved lol then the guy came to the door and said hey, ive kinda been waiting for you. you came at the perfect time!

so moral of the story! work hard! be diligent and you will be blessed!!

love you!
Elder Rollins

 I guess Elder McCurdy needed to be quiet! lol

I'm kinda regretting getting Hayes his own hair cutting kit! hahaha

Random Pictures! hahaha
Hayes is a weirdo! LOL

Maybe this is the chair where he sits and receives all his personal revelation! Who knows? hahaha

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