Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Great Week!

November 12, 2013


The members here for some reason dont really like to mingle with us so our biggest thing has been gaining the trust of the members. weve been trying to do that by serving them and talking to them and trying to work with them but so far we have been seeing very little progress... it has been frustrating but the progress we have made has been very uplifting. we are working with this guy that is huge! like 6'4" and massive! he wants his daughter to get baptized so we are trying to get him and the rest of his family active and him divorced from his wife so that he can marry the lady he is living with! cuz she wants to get baptized as well but cant cuz shes breaking the law of chastity, stupid technicalities hahahah i mean they consider themselves married, its just not by law....
they are such a sick family tho! were gonna keep working with his home teachers and a lawyer in the ward and try to get the legalities taken care of!

the overland park 1st ward missionaries! OP1!
Elder McCurdy, Elder Rollins, Sister Matta & Sister Halverstadt

we did a sick service project that had to do with setting up 1000 flags for veterans day! and it was like the coolest thing ever! check it

thats me when i fell down the hill.. thats sister halverstadt laughing at me...

those are sister matta and elder McCurdy coming to help me up becasue i fell lol 

Photo disclaimer: okay so it was a steep hill and he took pictures of me the only time that i fell down lol i swear other than that i never stopped working! i was usually the one running up and down the hill getting the rebar for everyone because the sister wanted to do the pounding lol so i fell down the hill! i wasnt sitting! thats why sister Halverstadt was laughing and elder mccurdy and sister matta were coming to help me up!

but it was a sick project! we get to tear it down next week!  it was a really fun week! this week!

Hayes and I got to email back and forth today! It rarely happens because I always work on Mondays but since he emailed on Tuesday this week, I happened to catch him right at the right time! What a little tender mercy. :)

MOM: Did you get your T-Shirt Quilt?
What do you think?
Did you get the corn bags?

HAYES: yes and yes! i love them both thank you so much! we hugely appreciate it! 

MOM: I wish I could use my corn bag! It is going to be flippin 92 degrees today!!! BLAHHHHH! lol I want it to cool down so I can stop sweating and start wearing my jeans and sweaters! I saw that it is 23 degrees right now in Overland park! Are you freezing or do you love it?

HAYES: i love it! i put some thermals on and im doing good! 

MOM: I NEED you to answer this question!!!
Have you purchased warm stuff yet like gloves, scarves & hats? Do you want me to send you this stuff?

HAYES: no i havent purchased any of those things yet lol not cold enough yet... hahahha jk jk it was 19 degrees this morning! yeah actually, i did get some gloves! and if you want to send me stuff sure, if not ill take some time one day and get some stuff to keep me warm!

MOM: Oh good! I'm glad you bought some gloves. I wasn't sure about buying you gloves. Your hands are so huge!!! hahaha but I can definitely pick you out a hat and scarf! Is there a specific type of hat you would like or are beanies ok? Do you like the ones with the ear flaps?

HAYES: yes i like the ones with ear flapps! lol and i think the hats look better than beanies lol either way as long as im staying warm i do not care.

HAYES: so my pants ripped a little bit and i asked sister matta (green shirt in the pictures of the flag service project) if she would sew them back up for me and she did but she decided that itd be funny to sew her name on the front of my pants as well, that way i could never forget her... hahhahha that sounds like something haylee would do isnt it??

MOM: Yes, totally! I love it! That was so sweet of her. :) I'm so glad you have people to take care of you. 

HAYES: hahah yeah me too lol sadly she went home yesterday.. :/ yeah we plan on keeping in touch. its funny because she reminded me of mackenzie rocque quite a bit and she was super chill! and sister halverstadt reminds me a lot of kylee (his cousin)! 

HAYES: umm, i jacked up my ankle playing basket ball again, which sucked but its healing quickly! the Lord is on my side! and im doing his work so he will help me!

MOM: Hayes, That's horrible!!!!
Stop playing basketball! lol 
Preston broke his ankle and you have a jacked up ankle and Brady has to have knee surgery when he gets home! hahahah you guys need to take it easy!!

HAYES: hahah theres nothing better to do than basketball cuz im not allowed to wrestle! it hurts up high and if it hurts a few more days im supposed to go to the doctors but i dont think it will last that long. also thats what i want for Christmas. a new pair of wrestling shoes for when i get home! lol 

MOM: hahahahah! Oh my gosh! How are we supposed to pick you out wrestling shoes!? hahaha 
When will you use them? 

HAYES: ill use them when i get home! and go online and send me pictures of the shoes and ill tell you the ones i like ;)

DAD: Hayes doesn’t need new wrestling shoes. Colleges issue the shoes to their wrestlers, so we don’t need to buy him anymore. 

MOM: Oh! Speaking of wrestling, Robbie mathers is wrestling for University of Missouri! and Zack Walton moved to Oklahoma! 

HAYES: what zach moved to Oklahoma??

MOM: Yep! 

HAYES: flash drives about half full expect it in a few more weeks! oh and the chair was exactly what you thought it was! lol 

I can always expect at least one random picture from Hayes! hahaha

hahah the middle light broke in half.

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