Monday, December 2, 2013


December 2, 2013


we are just working hard and trying to find the people that lord has prepared for us! and we have truly been blessed this last week! 
    we have been working with this investigator, leashia, for like 18 weeks! and she is finally catching on! she is coming to church and reading more and has finally agreed to a baptismal date! im so excited for her! she was the very first lesson i taught and now ive seen her grow into having her own testimony and ready for the next step! its been a huge faith builder for me and its cool to see how the Lord will make things work in his own time! :)
    we've been working with another family the brazzells for a while now and things are finally starting to fall into place! :) we have been meeting with them about 2 or 3 times a week now and they are progressing quickly, the daughter gabby, this week, shouted out that she wanted to get baptized and i about cried cuz it was so cool to hear. the father is sick, hes hilarious :) and he has been holding the rest of the family back and this week he broke it down for us and said that he's ready to start keeping our commitments and said that he needs to start coming to church and reading and praying more! the spirit in their house is so strong now! :) and its been really cool to see the transformation in this family that ive grown to love so much. and last night we got a phone call from their close friends that got them in contact with the missionaries and they called us and asked us if its true that the brazzells are beginning to progress as fast as they thought they are! and then praised us about how great of missionaries that we are and told us that he had a bad experience with one missionary and that had caused him to stop taking the lessons and that if we could get to the brazzells we must really be special :) i was about in tear because the spirit was testifying to me how the Lord really does put us where we need to be! man! these are the experiences that missionaries live for! :)
     i have been so blessed this past few weeks with many things! 
love you! ELder ROllins! 

ps thanks for the Christmas gifts and the pumpkin bread i love it! :) 

We got this picture from a member that had the Elders over for Thanksgiving dinner. Looks like Elder McCurdy got his wish! 

This past weekend, the Haught family, from Elder Rollins' ward came to Phoenix. They stopped by our house to meet us. They asked if I had anything I wanted to send back with them, so I got a few packages together and they were so kind to deliver them to the Elders. 

Last night Sister Haught sent me pictures of Elder Rollins after receiving the packages I sent to them. He did not know she was doing this! While the Haughts were at our house, I immediately remembered the back roller! (that's what we call it) I literally jumped up and got it for them to take back to Hayes. I was inspired because Hayes said he was going to call the mission nurse today because his back is so bad! I was literally MOVED by the spirit to get that roller! Hayes was so happy! He used it immediately! It was such a blessing! I'm glad I listed to the spirit and followed that prompting!

ps thanks for the Christmas gifts and the pumpkin bread i love it! :)

I made Elder Rollins and Elder McCurdy a Christmas stocking. 

As for the Christmas stockings... Sister Haught said that when Hayes opening up the box with the stockings he literally screamed! hahahaha
They were both so excited! Hayes took out every present and shook each one trying to figure out what the gifts were. LOL 

These are moments of joy for a mother! :)

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