Tuesday, November 19, 2013


November 18, 2013


so this week was transfers week, i said goodbye to two of the people that i had become really close with and im still kinda sad about it...:( 

but im sure that i will stay in contact with them! :)

this week started out super jammed packed! i messed up my foot on monday. but it has been healing decently, i should have listened to dad and taken the DMSO ;) hahah but seriously that would have helped! then we taught Jillian and Johnny! we read the Book of Mormon with them it was just really cool to see Jillian help her brother in praying and reading the scriptures! and the best part is they finally showed up to church this sunday! we are really hoping that if we get the kids excited about church then the rest of the family will start coming back too! the children, thats how you get to the family ;)

we finally got to see mariza again and shes progressing incredible! shes almost ready to be baptized now! she just has a little more to learn and hopefully she will before she moves! 

we did some more service for Mary Faith! thats the pictures you saw on facebook! lol:) 

we saw the brazzells a lot this week! all thats left is for brother brazzell to read and pray and he will be baptized. he just is hesitant about doing it! oh yeah, mom could you send me a few recipes?? we found the best way to get to them is so could you send me the crembrule french toast and the pumpkin bread recipe?? 

the chiefs lost :( it was heartbreaking for them to lose and thats like the biggest thing going down in kansas right now so its saddening... but they are still doing great! lol were praying for Andy to do well ;) hahah but seriously they are a great conversation starter with people right now!

leashia finally got to the visitors center! and it was sick! the sisters in there are incredible!!! they asked every question and hit on every point that i was hoping they would and now leashia is praying about being baptized in december!! :) it was so powerful there! we took her through God plan video. and she loved it then we took her to see some of the history presentation downstairs and next we want to take her to the liberty jail! we think it would really help her!

well i love the work its going great and i dont wanna get transferred before Christmas.... i would cry if i did ! i love it here! its like a new kind of home for me! 

love you!
Elder Rollins!

Digging the floral tie! 
Don't know where he got it, but I like It! :)

So glad we live in AZ and don't have to deal with Leaves like this! hahahaha

They found a few friends while raking leaves! LOL
Dead Bird!

Dead Possum! LOL

His companion! hahaha

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