Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Advice from a Missionary

Oct 21, 2013


MOMMMMM whyd you do that.... i miss wrestling so much! ohhh man, i just want to find an investigator that wrestles so that i can teach him the gospel and how to wrestle, i dont know of any wrestlers around here tho. now one in the ward is super athletic they all are more into music! 

im gonna need to start buying some warm cloths tho... it was like 38 degrees this past week! its crazy how bipolar the weather here is!

so this week was a pretty good week! its starting to get cold tho! we had another great lesson with leashia! sister moss killed it with her lesson on sunday then was our team up for our meeting with her so we just continued on with talking about how to invite the spirit into the home! 

so the main things to do to have the spirit in the home are: 

PRAY as a family! like really tho! every morning and night! theres nothing that bring the spirit in like a sincere prayer!!!

READ the scriptures as a family!! at least every night! and then study the scriptures on your own through out the day! so a cool thing that missionaries do during comp study is we talk to each other about the things we studied and then ask the question “how can we apply what we read” to 3 things: our investigators, our companionship and ourself! 

so if you want to try something new for family scripture study, do this. instead of everyone taking a verse and reading around the room, have everyone read where ever they are in the scripture for like 15 minutes and then come together and share how what they read can help them grow individually and as a family and how it can help one of their friends! THIS IS SUPER EFFECTIVE!

MUSIC listen to good uplifting music! it brings in the spirit! D&C 25:12

For my soul adelighteth in the bsong of the cheart; yea, thedsong of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads.

CLEAN  keep your home clean its harder for the spirit to dwell in unclean places!

we  also met with the Brazzells again. hes kinda stubborn and wont read the scriptures and its hard to bring in the spirit cuz he always has the tv on. so next time we go over we are  going to try have them turn off the tv and read the scriptures in their home to invite the spirit in and then teach them some stuff! cuz its the spirit that teaches not us! 

i love you!!
Elder Rollins

Our friend Jeff Garrett was visiting his Sister Tammy (wife of Andy Reid - NFL head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs) and saw Hayes at church! Hayes is serving in Tammy and Andy's son's ward. So Jeffy got to see Hayes again! It's always so fun to get surprize pictures of Hayes. 

The Garretts also know Hayes's companion, Elder McCurdy! JT (Hayes's friend from birth) and Dannie were friends in high school! Man it is such a small world!!!

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