Monday, June 2, 2014

Sometimes it's better to be patient

June 2, 2014

Sometimes it is Better to Be Patient

this week was an interesting week! 

i went on exchanges with Elder Higgins who is a new missionary and it kinda made me remember what it was like to be out for the first few weeks. i know that i have grown and changed a lot since i came out. im a lot more mature and a lot more knowledgeable in how to be a missionary! i find it easier to go and talk to people about the gospel perhaps because im more comfortable or because my faith has grown so much that i want to share it with everyone! 

we finished up scraping the Fenns porch which i why i was soaked in sweat in that one picture you got. finally! that project was a very good project to learn from.... i learned that i'm very good at grunt work and that persistence will get even the hardest paint off the ground lol 

we had zone interview with President Keyes and its sad to think he will be going home at the end of this month. but on the bright side, he said he would be willing to come to any wrestling match i have a UVU lol so i'll keep that in mind. but he made me promise that i would win! so i started working out a bit harder in the mornings. ;)

after interviews we had to help the sisters move a chair and we got a washing machine! that stupid washing machine..... i was getting frustrated with waiting on people helping me move it cuz Elder Wright has a tough time since he cant use both arms so i just grabbed it and moved it into the house by myself and im kinda regretting it because my back has been a little more stiff in the morning since then. lesson learned! dont try to do something by yourself that may hurt you when you have people willing to help you. 

so Elder Wright and i cooked dinner at the Barbers this week! we made pork chops and a bunch of other things.... 

ahhh president just called me! what the heck?? 

well i love you! ill let you know what his call is about next week! peace out! :)

In an email to Scott, Hayes said that the area is progressing and they have been finding people to teach everyday! :-)

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