Monday, June 9, 2014


June 9, 2014

In a letter from Elder Rollins: "Mom, I want to say thank you for telling me SO many times to chew with my mouth closed and to take smaller bites! lol Thank You!!! I love you mom! I love you mom for all the things you wouldn't back down on and for making me do things I didn't want to do!"


this week was an interesting week! :p 

we said good bye to a good friend that is leaving for the MTC. im gonna miss that kid! He will be serving in the Mesa, AZ mission.

i got to talk about wrestling a lot more in my week which always makes me happy! :) we got to talk to these kids who's lives are all about wrestling, like mine was, and a few kids in the ward looked me up and were impressed that you dont have to type my whole name into Youtube to see videos of me wrestling. lol  

we finally got to meet with the Rogers again and they are so prepared. they have selected the day of June 28th for their baptims! :) im so excited! 

i love The Odessa ward. its like my baby, ive been through a lot here and its cool to finally see things happening! i really dont wanna get the boot this week! i'll miss a lot of people here.

we had a really cool lesson given by Sister Costello with some of the guys in the ward. she had them think of a few things that they could do to help them strengthen their testimony and to keep them strong in the gospel. Some of their responses were reading the scriptures, praying and going to church. 

then she had them do a push up! she said doing the push up with your whole body is like if you are doing everything you're supposed to be doing to strengthen and support yourself in the gospel. 

If you don’t read your scriptures, its like taking an arm away! so they had to do a one arm push up. then she explained its hard to do whats right when you’re not doing what you need to do to support yourself spiritually.

then she said, now you’re not reading your scriptures or saying your prayers and she made them do a push up with only 1 arm and 1 leg. 

then she said, now you’re not reading your scriptures, saying your prayers or going to church! she made them do a push up with no arms and only 1 leg, which is impossible. Do you get the point? 

so i advise you all to think of this lesson and find something that you can do to improve your strength in the Lord. read the scriptures. all the questions that we have in this life can be answered by reading the holy words contained in the scriptures. go to church and partake of the sacrament so you remember Him in all you do and have that renewal of the Covenants you’ve made with the Lord. and remember to pray always to conquer the temptations of satan! 

God loves us and hears and answers our prayers! i know he does!

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