Monday, June 16, 2014

Long Week!

June 16, 2014

Long week! 


We lost the sisters in the Odessa Ward. its now just us Elders. we’ve been busy moving all week and haven’t had a whole lot of time to get work done.

They finally got a washer AND dryer 
and then they had to move! hahahaha 
They moved into the Sister's old apartment.

206 N Russell St. Apt C
Odessa, Mo 64076 

but the highlights of my week were seeing the Rogers! :) they are very special people and are hoping to be baptized soon! i really love them! we were able to work a lot with the Barbers and he is moving closer to baptism as well! :) i Love that family! and we got to go out to the farm this last week! i love the horse so much cuz it reminds me of Dad! umm... i dont know what else to say. my mind went blank. other high lights! we got to teach Gospel Principles class and Elders Quorum! :) i like teaching and seem to have a knack for it! oh yeah! miracle of the week! we had some guy come up and ask us for a bible and said that we could come back when we had one and he would be willing to listen to our message with his family! 
love you

Elder Rollins

Doing some journaling

Getting in a little workout! lol

"Yep! You the man!" lol

That foam roller has saved Hayes's back.

Love the Monster's Inc. sheets. 
(Thanks Misty & Todd)

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