Thursday, May 29, 2014

An ALL mission temple trip!

May 26, 2014

An ALL Mission Temple Trip

so this week started off with the most boringest Pday ever. i think that i would die if i ever had one that slow again... but hey i did get caught up on all my letters and a little reading! :)  

tuesday we took an “all mission” temple trip and it was the best experience i had ever had in the Temple. it was also really cool because Elder Bitton was there and we got to catch up for a little bit at lunch! and Sister Adams was there i think thats one of the coolest things about the mission conferences, is getting to see all the missionaries that you have served with and around! :) man i just love the temple! i cant wait to get to go again! :) the spirit there is just so strong and truly testifies that its the House of God a safe haven for saints to get away from the things of the world. 

The Kansas City, Kansas Temple

we did a little bit of service this week and also went on exchanges with our zone leaders. i have a great respect for Elder Rudd, we had to drive an hour to get to their area so that we could go on this exchange so i had lots of time to prepare my self for it. while we were together i learned a lot and figured out somethings that will really help me as a missionary develop better habits and grow into a better missionary! Elder Rudd likes to call it the Miracle exchange because so many good things happened. i think that it was just God Finally answering my many cries to him. and now that i look back at it, it was both God answering my prayers in a form of a miracle.

This picture was texted to me during the week. 

we spent saturday in Buckner. we had not been out there in a month and i think God had been preparing people for us because we found a couple of people that are wanting to learn about the Book of Mormon and it was interesting how it all happened this week. 

so in our our mission our President has put us under special charge to bear our testimonies whenever we get the chance so i just want to share my testimony with you guys that i know that the Book of Mormon is true! it is an amazing testament to our saviors love for us and showing that he cares enough for us that he would give us an other book showing us how to be able return to Him. i know that the Book of Mormon is true because the Holy Ghost has testified of this to me over and over again through the peace and the comfort that i receive when i read it! so please read it every day! it will change your life! 
Love you!

Elder Rollins

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