Monday, June 23, 2014

Blessed To Be In Odessa

June 23, 2014

Very Blessed To Be In Odessa!

i had a pretty sweet week this week! we are having a big push to work with the youth in the ward so they have some experience with missionary work before they head out on their missions and so they will know what they are getting themselves into before they get out there :p it has been really fun! we took one of the young men out and just had a sick day! we taught 4 people lessons that we had never met before! it was a huge miracle to have that happen! we are very blessed to be here in the Odessa ward! 

we have a member that has been dying to go on team-ups with us. we were finally able to make it happen this last week and then the appointment we had been originally planned on taking him to, cancelled. so we prayed and decided to go see the Rogers and the lesson was outstanding! the Spirit was strong and this member gave a moving testimony at the end and then the Rogers came to sacrament this week! i just feel super blessed to see these miracles happen! :) 

we spent a lot of time driving around the massive area that we cover! we tried to find the members that know one knows who they were!

we got to go hay bailing! :) so much fun! i may just end up being a farm hand when i get home cuz i like the physical work of it ;)  

and our Elders Quorum leader took us out this week! :) 

we’ve been having big summer storms and so i've been trying to get pics of all of them! 

i gave myself a hair cut this morning. thought you'd like to see it :p 

also ive been working on my cooking skills. I like making breakfast, not much else tho :p 

we are just having a great time and really trying to be obedient and hard working! 

two things that will lead to better conversions to the Lord: 1) adhering to all his commandments and 2) magnifying your callings that he has chosen for you to do! 

love you! Elder Rollins

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