Monday, December 30, 2013

A New Investigator!

December 30, 2013


so this week was crazy getting everything situated and still trying to learn the area! i know the members here are amazing tho, thats to say the least! 

i know that im here for a reason, but its just gonna take time to figure it out!  

Christmas was great! the ward took care of us! 

it was the best thing to get to talk to you guys! and Christmas wasnt long enough!  

so the rest of the week we spent seeing more less active members and tracting and we actually got a new investigator! :)  the Lord is already blessing our efforts 

love you! wish i had more to say but its just been a slow week! 

Elder Rollins

Elder Rollins & Elder Bitton
Glad they found a library in their tiny town!

Elder Rollins' depiction of his area. FUNNY!
He says, "We're in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of small towns all around us. 
This area is 25mi X 35mi whereas my last area was 10 mi. We only get to drive 1100mi per month! 10 towns make up our area, but we can't even go outside because the roads are all iced over!  It's called 'freezing rain'!" LOL 

Quite the opposite of having 'sunny day schedules' where the kids are not allowed to go outside because it is too hot! hahaha

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