Monday, December 23, 2013

The New Area

December 23, 2013


okay this all covers what my weekly letter was gonna say so this is my weekly letter! 

What is your companion's name?
Elder Bitton
Where is he from?
las curses new mexico! 
How long has he been out?
6 months! he came out with me!
What was your first impression of your new companion?
hey, this kids my same size! lol then i started talking to him and he kinda reminds me of a calmed down small Joel! lol i think that im really going to like working with him! i have a lot that i can learn from him and i hope that i can help him out as well!
Where do you live? Apartment or With members?
we live in a small duplex by ourselves and love it! it has a garage and two rooms 2 bathrooms and its brand new!
What is your apartment like? good area? sketchy area? hahaha

How many missionaries live with you?
just me and Elder Bitton
What is your new address?
304 b NE 6th st
Oak Grove, MO 64075
Do you have a car or are you on bikes?
full time car with 1100 miles lol but thats not a whole lot cuz our area is like 25 miles by 35 miles... its huge and its a bunch of small towns(10)  that are spread apart! Odessa where the church is has 5200 people... Napoleon has 220 people so thats like what the rest of the area is too.... 

meet STORM our Ford Fussion!

What was your first sunday at church like?
did not have church... there was to much ice and snow that it was cancelled....
Did you meet lots of the members?
weve met a few families but not to many! 

How did the mission president extend this new assignment to you?
he really didnt... the APs did on tuesday night! but i think this is like the perfect call for me right now!
How did you feel when you got this assignment?
i was super excited! 
How was your first transfer? The packing, the moving, the unpacking, figuring out the area, etc.
it sucked! i hated leaving! i miss all those families that are in Overland Park 1st ward and cant wait to go visit them! :) packing is packing lol unpacking was quick! i left a lot in the suit cases! figuring out the area will take a long time because of how spread out our area is! its ridiculous! but as soon as we talked to our ward mission leader i knew this is where im supposed to be right now!:) 

so we literaly have nothing... we showed up to our duplex in our brand new car with and empty area book... our phone had no numbers, we didnt even have a ward roster.... we only had some dishes and some beds and our luggage... its crazy how empty it was! so we started off by getting a few essential phone numbers.. the sisters that are serving in the ward with us and our bishops number and our ward mission leaders number. so we called the sisters (sister adams and sister harris) and tried to talk to them to see if they had any people for us to see or people that they thought would be better for Elders cuz of their situation. they said they'd like to meet with us and so we met at McDonalds because we either have to have another priesthood holder with us or meet in a public area. we talked to them and they gave us a couple of names that they had talked to that may be interested about learning our message. but they had no real info on them so they ended up being a bust... so we knocked some doors which is my least favorite thing about being a missionary.. but its is an essential part cuz we have no one to teach. With noone to teach, we are not completing our purpose! so the next day we tried to visit some members of our ward and they lived in a small town called Napoleon... which was forever away! so for the next few weeks we are going to trying to talk to anyone that will talk to us and members of our church until we find someone that is willing to listen to our message about Jesus Christ!

love you!
Elder Rollins

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