Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Transfer Week

May 5, 2014


transfer week, sadly Elder Bitton left me. it was sad to see him go. we had a fun 3 transfers together! my new companion is Elder Wright. we had a sweet week of seeing all the people that we love in this area so ELder Bitton could say good bye! we had dinner at the dawsons and the AP's called and said they needed our car so we now have scarlet, a red jetta. its kinda sick but at the same time its gonna suck in the summer cuz its all black leather interior. 

we got some sweet new investigators and did a lot of service this week. we helped the ward out in setting up for a garage sale for the scouts and they got all the funds they needed for the year lol we also used the garage sell (i hate grammar lol) as a way to meet people in the area and had some people find out that we do service and took our numbers down so we got a few contacts outta it! :) 

ohh yeah, i was on the news :p idk if thats allowed but i was on it, fox news. we were helping out a family in the ward that during the storm last week had a tree fall on their house and so we were moving some giant logs that they couldnt move themselves. i may have gotten a little bit soft but i still got all that power behind me :p i think you can find it if you go on fox news! so look it up and you'll get to see me in action! thats really all that happened this week tho... 

yes i got a new companion. his name is Elder Wright.

Elder wright is a very interesting kid. he is into technology. he's pretty smart and a hard worker. he had a stroke when he was 16 and has partial use of his hand and doesnt have full control of his right foot. he is working really hard out here in the mission. when president called and told me about him, he told me that he is here on a mission, and the Lord truly got him here because, when he was putting down his physical issues on the portion asking you what physical work you can do, he marked that he couldnt do any of the things that a missionary will have to do. but he still got out on a mission. so he's pretty amazing and he has a purpose out here or else he wouldnt be out here because he shouldnt have been allowed to come out. but he's out and ready to go so were gonna have a sweet transfer. he is from highland utah and he came out with me. 

love you! :)
Elder Rollins

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