Monday, May 19, 2014

Good advice from a Returned Missionary

May 19, 2014


Advice: Never look for the big impressive spiritual experiences and dont expect them or NEED them. They will come when others need them. Rather look for small and simple things, or at least be satisfied with them and grateful for them. The bulk of your experiences will mean so much more that way and the big experiences will be so much better.

another trying week with a lot of good stuff at the same time. highlights were: i got to learn how to shingle a roof and im totally pro now :p jk we have been doing a lot of tracking again. trying to build up our teaching pool! 

another cool quote, 
“discouragement comes from reflecting on the things you have no control over.”

we had a sweet lesson with the rogers! they are a sweet couple that i think are going to be my saving grace here in Odessa, besides all the wonderful members here! 

love you!

Elder Rollins!

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