Monday, May 12, 2014

Bare Testimony!

May 12, 2014

Bare Testimony!

i'm so dang tired! and i dont even know why?? but its a good tired! idk whats happening. im tired but happy, so i cant complain! 

no appointments, well they all just fell through! love the work still! working on better street contacting and talking  to everyone! and trying to at least bear testimony to everyone cuz thats what our mission focus is on these next few week, till president keyes goes home!  

so, i know this church is true! I know God is our loving Heavenly father and i know that he sent his son here to the earth to die for us so that we can all be reunited as one big happy family again! i know the Book of Mormon is true! and that it was translated by a prophet of God being Joseph Smith!  and I know that Thomas S Manson is a prophet of God called to Lead and direct Christ's church today! 

love you! 

Elder Rollins

Another wonderful package from the Baird's.

Beautiful Sunsets and Scenery.

Doing a little baking and cooking.


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