Monday, August 26, 2013

2 months out!


August 26, 2013


This is a picture that was texted to us by Hayes's bishop. A little tender mercy for the week! :)

"Bro/Sis Rollins, I'm Bishop Staggs. We had the missionaries over tonight and thought you'd enjoy seeing how happy Elder Rollins is. Our boys love them. We also got a set of sister in our ward this week! Thanks for sending us your son! He is working very hard and we love him! He is very mature and our members have great trust in him and Elder Crowton. He even ate all his veggies. :) We had corn on the cob and salad. Pretty sure he cleaned his plate. He couldn't have his cake and ice cream if he didn't. The sister missionary in yellow sat next to Hayes on the plane ride to MO"

so this week was transfer week! i am not training!!! sadly and happily, i was kinda excited to have the opportunity to do missionary work the way i think it should be done and get to lead out in an area!! but i was scared to because im still pretty new at this! 

so monday was awesome because we got to have a zone bbq and play sand volley ball! it was also sad because it was Elder Stephens (Big steve) last one! so i received lots of birthday cards which was awesome! thanks everyone for sending them to me, it means A LOT!! love all of you! 

tuesday was a day that i honestly dont remember, we just did a lot of work at the apartment trying to figure out what is to be done with our area and waiting for transfer calls! neither of us were transfered thankfully!

so this week i learned that preparation and details mean a lot more to the sisters than to elders, i kinda already knew this because of my loving mom, so MOM, thank you so much for preparing me for this! i can deal with the sisters better than most elders because they remind me a lot of you in there desire to have details and have a set plan in what they are doing! 

i learned a lot this week and will continue to learn til the day i die! line upon line precept upon precept! i have a brand new mind set and just want to work harder than ever! put your shoulder to the wheel!

so Wednesday was Big Steves last day here and i had lots of money so i took the whole zone out for pizza, so if you were wondering what i spent my birthday money on it was pizza for my whole zone! it was a great day and we did some tie trading because the whole make up of our zone changed! i think it was for the best because i think we were just all a little to comfortable in the ways we have been set! things were a little lax and i think getting the sisters a new zone leader and a new district leader will really change the zones attitude and create a bigger desire to work and get some people in the water and brought into the fold!

we finally had a baptism go through (no photo) and i met my posterity there (not sure what this means). i met my grandpa, Elder Lee and my great grandpa Elder O he has a really long Samoan or Tongan name that i will send you later, i also have a brother who is a wrestler!! (don't know who these people are that he's talking about) he saw my watch with Jed Mellen at rocky mountain nationals and he says i should have won that match and we talked a lot about wrestling! it was a great day. the girl that got baptized was MaKasa who is Mimis grand daughter mimi is a recent convert and she is getting her whole family into the church one by one! shes amazing and i absolutely love her and her family!

we got to take sister marroner another one of mimis grand daughters to the visitors center and it was incredible! the sister missionaries that serve there have an incredible spirit about them and do an amazing job explaining things on their tours. every time we go through the family part i cry because i love Gods plan for us! i know that the Plan of salvation is a perfect plan and that we will all live together in the presence of our Heavenly Father! i know he loves us and cares for us and that Jesus Christ has suffered for us and he loves us more than we can comprehend!

i love you all so much!
Elder Rolllins

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