Monday, August 12, 2013

Prayers are Answered



August 12, 2013

so monday was a super fun day! we didnt do any real missionary work but we had been working super hard all week and were drained. so after pday we had the zone leaders and hick hillz over for some pizza and some talking and relaxation. i talked mainly with Elder Stephens because he goes home in a week!! his last transfer was my first transfer! its insane hes going home! he's an amazing guy and i wish i had more time to spend with him and learn from him. so monday was an awesome day to unwind and let us relax and then this week we worked hard because we were reinvigorated!

Tuesday we were riding around and seeing some people and no one was answering there doors and then we were going to go to bill's, hes this old guy that we try and stop by every week but we never see him so we decided to go see the Brazzels instead and they were home! it was my first time meeting them but apparently they were really excited to see us and i already love brother Brazzel! we stayed there for about an hour till lunch then went to dinner with the Mitchell's, who live in Mormon Village! then brother manning took us to see the langleys who we had never been able to get into but she let us in and she said shed try to get to stake conference next sunday! then we went and saw the eshnaurs and they said their daughter could be baptized at 9 if she so desired! which is in just a few months!! and then we stopped in to see the haughts to set up an appointment with the kasa because she is going to be baptized this saturday!

wednesday was a good day as well! except we got our day messed up by our dinner and an appointment fell through but we saw leashia and she said her only concern with our church is that she doesnt want to get into something shes not ready for which is awesome because she will be ready soon, we can already see her progressing!

thursday our dinner and night appointment got cancelled which sucked so while we were weekly planning (which i was in charge of!) we got a call from an investigator asking us to come by for dinner and a lesson and it was a bomb lesson where we found out the last thing he needs is a testimony of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith and then he and his family will be baptized!

friday we had district meeting and then we had dinner and saw scott! he said hed come to stake conference next saturday! then we saw the haughts again!

saturday we had to work a 5k in the morning then i made breakfast for us and hick hillz! they were so good!! then crowton took a nap and i wrote some letters and worked out then we then we saw the brazzels and he told us this story. 

my brother in law has been going through a divorce and so he asked me if id go to church with him to help him through it and so i did, but something didnt feel right and i decided that i didnt want to go back! but then my brother persuaded me to go with him again then about 20 minutes into it i just got a feeling that this is not the church for me or my family so i went into my back yard and prayed about what church to go to and then you missionaries showed up so i figure thats a sign from God telling me to go check out your church. so i plan on going sunday then he told us he has only one problem in the church! and thats Joseph Smith because of the way he was raised.

he showed up to church on sunday and said hed be back the following week which is great!

i know the Lord has his hand in our work this week! because we didnt even plan on seeing them this week but something told us we should go see them and because of that, they are coming to church now and i feel like they will get baptized pretty soon! i know the Lord answers prayers and this is just one example of it. he has answered my prayers countless times so if you ever need anything, go to the Lord, he is always there!

Our teaching pool has like 24 people in it and we have 5 people on date to be baptized again, i just hope these ones don’t fall through. i think by the end of this week ill be done with the 12 week training program... its only been 4 weeks! im ready to serve with everything i got! My mission president kinda hinted towards me possibly training next transfer... I don’t know if i’m ready for that!

i love you all and you are in my prayers!
-Elder Rollins

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