Monday, August 19, 2013

Every Member a Missionary



August 19, 2013

keep taking care of the missionaries like this ward has taken care of me! i love this ward with all my heart!! its almost as good as home... almost lol i love this work and thats the best birthday present i could have gotten is for you to have some missionary opportunities! the best way to show the Lord your love for him is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with his Children!  

this week was an amazing week! starting with zone training. elders Parish and Stephens are two amazing missionaries. they are full of the spirit and desire to serve the lord and have been a huge example to me! sadly Elder Stephen is going home on thursday. i will miss him as i miss all my best friends back home! 

then stake conference was this weekend. it was the best one ive ever been to! President Keyes spoke and talked about how members need to help the missionaries. the missionaries are few and can only see so many of the Lords children. so if the members are sharing the gospel with people then its the most effective way to share the Gospel because there are 14 million or so members spreading the Lords word.

Members need to do there part to further the Kingdom of the Lord!

i know this church is true!  i know Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the word and i know the best way to show our love to our Heavenly father is to bring his children home to him! so everyone back home! if you love me and if you love the Lord share the Gospel with the people in this world that you love the most! your family and best friends need to hear Gods plan for them! so, share the Word of God then ask if they would like to meet with the missionaries!! 

a great way i heard about doing this is find a gospel topic to talk about, like God is our Loving Heavenly Father or The Gospel Blesses Families. then when youre done talking about it with your friend, just kinda ask would they like to hear a brief presentation on how the Gospel blesses families, or how God is our Loving Heavenly Father, then refer them to the missionaries. 

i know that as you do the Lords work he will bless every aspect of your lives! i love you all so much!
Elder Rollins!

"We love our bike! hahaha JK JK 
Elder Crowtons over 200lbs! LOL"

Elder Lapray with Elder Rollins
"I'm small next to most people! hahaha"

"Birthday lunch! Mmmmmm...."

well when you see dad, tell him i love him and miss him! and that im thankful for how you raised me because im a lot better off than a lot of kids and thats because of the wonderful examples you set for me!

Cut and paste this link and see how miracles can happen in missionary work.

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