Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Doing Good Stuff!



It's great to hear about everything. I love all of it! Thats so exciting that Derek is back. I miss that kid like crazy!

Sounds like a great seminary teacher! and Yah, for his sake I hope he can handle the kids!

We had one of the BEST stake conferences I've ever thought possible! The spirit was incredible and it really got me thinking about my life and I felt some of the heaviest guilt in my entire life. i realize that if I could go back, I would change so much in my life. My eyes have been opened and I truly see the things I must do and become!!

We work hard and have lots of fun!

All your advice was amazing! me and my comp are working well together. I think he has realized I am a little more advanced than most new missionaries! Also I have revamped my attitude and my thinking. It has been a great week and I have seen the Lord's hand play a key role! and lastly, I will pass all my lessons off monday. and then I will be done with everything so I can train other missionaries and drive the car! and I could possibly be a trainer next transfer... which would mean I am the youngest trainer in the mission. If that happens, I will need your prayers.

Thanks for writing about all the talks from T-Bird Hills ward for me. I love hearing it and I can picture the people up on the stand talking! Thanks for everything!

I got Zack's package.
I got Haylee's b-day package.
I got the razor from dad.
I got 10-11 birthday cards. Thanks everyone!
I got the b-day money from you, dad and grandma Peggy.
I got the shoes.
Brother Church is NOT in my ward.
I get $150 per month but the ward feeds us so well that I usually have about $60 left over each month.
Don't really need a satchel.
No polaroid camera yet.
My little ipod player broke.
Possible need a new camera. This one is doing some funny stuff. 
Might have to buy a duffel bag. 

Love You Mom!

Sept 3, 2013

so last mondays pday was great but we have a lot of new people in our area so we kinda have a hard time doing sports now! we'll have to think of some way to get things worked out! 

so we got to work at the farmstead again last week like every other week but this week it seemed super slow and boring for some reason! i feel like the service we do there is kind of a waste of time but they are super thankful afterwards and that always soften my heart and makes me want to go back. we then studied and went to lunch all the way until dinner! which was good but sucked cuz we didnt get out to see anyone at all til after dinner and then we had a team up and we went to see some people but the 8 people that we went to go see didnt answer their door even the people that always answer their door so we were super frustrated.

we were able to teach jillian twice since last week and every week she impresses me with the amount of information she retains! its crazy how much an 8 year old learns! we were really hoping that she was going to be able to go to church on sunday but she seemed really concerned about it and then when sunday came she wasnt able to go because her sister was cheering and no one could take her! them dang cheerleaders ;) haha just kidding and she really thinks she'll be able to make it to church this next week tho so we are super excited for that!

we also were able to meet with Leashia again! and she seems to trust us more and more every week and it seems like she really wants to come but shes super apprehensive! she said that she would come to church this week and then her daughter got stung by a bee and had a bad reaction to it so she wasnt able to come again this sunday but im hoping that she can come this next week! we are trying to take her to the visitor center because the spirit it so powerful there! i love going to the visitors center! i wish we could go at least once a week! if you ever go and have the opportunity to have one of the sisters there to take you through do it its incredible! 

we did a lot of service this week! like a few hours everyday but saturday and sunday! it was pretty sweet to have the opportunity to serve people! service really opens peoples hearts to you. serve every one you can and always be willing to serve! never pass up the opportunity to serve. you will be amazed at what comes of it! 

Elder Crowton just told me we get to teach Devin tonight so im stoked! i hope Devin comes to the understanding of how amazing this gospel is. hes a great kid and i know the gospel will bless his life as it has mine! well its time to get off 

This church IS true! Knowledge IS power! Jesus IS our Savior!

love you all! you are in my prayers! 
Elder Rollins!

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