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April 6, 2015


Elder Hayes Rollins
220 S Locust St.
Carrollton, Mo 64633

i was transferred to Carrollton, MO probably to spend the remainder of my mission here. i am never really happy with exchanges but this is what the lord wants and i know that for sure so i am happy to just be doing the lords will. its a small area. people wise we have about 4000 people in our area and only 4 or 5 active members. but the faith of these members is very strong and they are all doing their very best to share the gospel with others! its amazing to see the Lords hand at work with so few in numbers but so great in faith. i'm glad my new comp is younger in the mission. :) His name is Elder Arnesen from West Jordan UT. 

we had a  fun little easter reunion! Elder Bitton and I are serving in the same ward again! i was so stoked! :) its good to have a friend like him still around! the rest of the week was good as well!

i began a new study in my Book of Mormon by the prompting of a member in my previous ward. He said he wanted to give us some words of wisdom and so he told us that he had the opportunity to sit in on a couple of disciplinary councils for 2 returned missionaries. then he told us to avoid Pornography like the plague when we get home!! then he told us that the young men had been given an assignment to do before they were to see the stake president again. the assignment was that in the next 90 days they were to read the Book of Mormon and point out all the times they see the atonement in it. So i decided that i would like to do this as well. so i started and its been incredible to see how much of the Book of Mormon is about the atonement or signifies it or symbolizes it. The Book of Mormon truly does testify of Christ and that he Lives!

i cant believe how much i've changed in just the past few weeks. mom its amazing to get to serve the lord there is nothing better i could have done in my life. thank you for always helping me see this as something that i would go and do. it really has been the best 21 months of my life! its hard seeing it coming to a close. but i'm expecting the next 3 to be even better. after serving a mission i think i can live life with anyone lol

We’re finally getting ipads! Every week we receive an hour to get on to mormon.org and learn the site, in preparation for getting ipads. i wont have the ipad for very long, so this week i took the liberty to check out the lds news room to see whats been going on in the world and this is what i found.

this is an excerpt that came from an interview from Hugh Hewitt interviewing Jeffery R Holland after he gave a religious freedom speech at Chapman University.

Hugh Hewitt: What are you telling your young people?

Jeffery R Holland: I’m telling young people to believe. I’m telling parents to believe. I’m telling, families and participants in the family of all ages to believe in God, and to believe in help, and to believe in the future, to believe in themselves, and stay close. The family is the fundamental unit of society. It is certainly the fundamental unit of our church. I guess, probably, it’s the fundamental unit of everything. Our friend, Michael Novak, said that when things go well with the family, life goes well. And when things do not go well with the family, life is, or can be really miserable. Let’s start there. Let’s work better at home. Let’s work better with parents and children. And if we can master some principles in that little circle, maybe we can extend them to the state and the nation and the world. But better to start closer to home, and I believe God will bless us in every way to succeed in that most fundamental mission we all have, and that is to save and bless the next generation.

We must Believe! 

I believe in Christ he is my Savior and Redeemer. He is the Only Begotten of our Father and He is the Light and the Way back to our God. I believe that through Christ my family will be together through Eternity! I believe that because of Christ that all man kind has a future and has the opportunity to become what ever they desire that we can learn from our mistakes and change and do better. we are a lost and fallen race, we are weak and mortal but through Gods plan and through our Savior we may become strong and receive Eternal life!

I love you! 
Elder Rollins

i'll remember to pray for the horses and for you guys! it'll be good to have haylee home! man i do miss our family dinners! We only get dinners with members 1-2 times per week.

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