Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Thank Goodness For the Drunk Guy!

March 23, 2015

Thank Goodness For The Drunk Guy!

It was a good week! we worked really hard and found some drunk guys! we were looking for a member and they didnt live there anymore, but the guy that did live there invited us to come in! then he passed out on his couch lol.... so we were about to just walk out when these 3 other guys came in the back door and saw us standing in the living room with their friend passed out on the couch! we got a little worried but they were really cool and talked to us about Jesus for a while and asked us to come back another time! it was sweet! 

we are on a car rotation so when we went on exchanges, we walked a lot. we gave up the car because a set of Elders and Sisters needed it more than we did. while we were walking to our destination, 3 different times we saw members from the other Elder’s wards! by the time we got to our destination, no one was home! lol so Elder G sat down and said i'm not moving until a new investigator walks up to us!  shortly after that, a guy walked up to us and we have an appointment with him this week. i guess thats Gods way of saying Elders, we have no time to waste! we knocked a lot of doors! 

there were 4 fires in 5 days this past week. one of them burned down a bar and the tree next to it. the tree was acclaimed to be the last hanging tree in ST Joe. another fire was on the west side of the river in kansas and jumped the river and marred the levy pretty good. 

the work goes on though and some days are better than others. i love the work though. I love this gospel and know its true!  I have spent a lot of time on my knees lately. so much that they are balding. :p jk jk 

my message for this week is to just do what your supposed to. GOD is always right no matter what. seek his will for you and do it!

love you! Elder Rollins

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