Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Little Blackie

April 13, 2015

this week was a good week. we saw lots of signs of God helping us! we also had a ton of rain! 

we have been working on getting out and just talking to people so it was fun to get out and talk to everyone. missionary work is starting to be a real joy again!

we had some sweet appointments with the people we are working with and hope to see them begin moving forward. we had a really good lesson with crystal about the restoration. she really felt the spirit! the Conner's are just super amazing with working with her. 

we helped a family we had been trying to teach move out. it was nice to get some more physical service in! :) but sad because thats 3 less people we have to teach. 

so, we stopped by one of the families that we are working with cuz we felt the spirit tell us that we should go there and see them. when we got there they were all pretty upset because they lost their cat that they had for only 4 days. the only place they had not been able to look was in their attic, so i scaled the walls to see if the attic would even open up. then we called over brother Conner to see if he could see anything further but no luck. we hung around and talked with them and Brother conner was able to meet the new family in the ward which was really good! since he's their home teacher.

so our mission just got the little black boxes. we named ours little blackie and he's very nice. the black boxes track our driving ability so that they are able to see who is a good enough driver to actually drive mission vehicles. it measures speed, seat belts, turning, acceleration, deceleration, and how hard we hit bumps and from that creates a profile on our driving. it talks to us and gives us warnings as to what we are doing wrong so its a good thing to have! 

its been a good week and we have been blessed by god! :)

love you Elder Rollins

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