Monday, April 27, 2015

I love where I am serving!

April 27, 2015

Carrollton is Sick!

the mission is going amazing! i love where i'm serving! Carrollton, MO is sick! we had an exchange with one of the assistants to the president (AP's) this week and it was pretty funny cuz he was just shocked at the work we have going on with only 3 active members in the town! (Hayes was transferred to Carrolton, Mo, population 4000 with only 3-4 active members of the mormon church) just a couple of weeks ago). we have 3 people committed to baptism and we are teaching another family. its amazing to see the Lords hand in the work!

we've really been blessed this week. we are gaining relationships with our investigators and they are trusting us more and more!

we had a pretty cool experience i wanted to share with you. we have been talking with this lady that has us come by when here kids arent home cuz she didnt want them to bother us while we were studying! and she hadn't texted us back for a couple days so we went by to see if everything was alright. when we showed up she apologized and told us that her kids had been sick and that she had been in and out of the hospital with one cuz his white blood cell count was through the roof. so we asked he if she believed in healing by the laying on of hands like in the bible and she said yes. so we asked her if we could come by later that night when her husband was home to give their child a blessing. She said yes! so we got there and asked her son if he wanted the blessing and he readily agreed. then we asked him if he believed that Christ could heal him and he said yes. so we gave him the blessing and then gave the rest of the family the Book of Mormon to study and then we left. we stopped back by after their doctors appointment on Saturday and he was completely fine! 

the Lord is with us and his healing power is real! he can heal us from both our physical ailments and the ailments caused from sin! I love being a missionary!

Hope you have a great week! 

love you! 
Elder Rollins

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